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IT Security is critical. Businesses cannot afford any breach. It costs organisations over £4.5 billion or £2000 per business per annum in productivity managing email spam alone.

Probrand can offer you direction in protecting your assets, email, identity and information.

Probrand specialises in fixed price managed email security, protecting email accounts with internet based software that stops viral or spam threats before they reach your local network. That equals a more productive work force bothered less by spam and viral attack.

Probrand also provides proprietary Managed Antivirus monitoring and updates for a fixed price through its proactive IT support tool called Spirit.

Remote access authentication is an area Probrand has become highly adept at delivering and a growing trend as home working continues. Control who and how people remotely access your network.

Identity fraud prevention is another area Probrand takes seriously. Criminals are stealing email identities and then using these to send unsolicited 'spam'. Nearly all abusive emails carry fake sender addresses and you could be one of thousands that suffer the consequences; damage to corporate image, erroneous phone calls from recipients, wasted time, blacklisting on spam filters.

Probrand 'Identity Fraud Protection' offer utilises a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) standard to protect the sender's address, preventing fraudulent domain name activity. This safe guards you from spammers, non-delivery notifications, computer worms and password fishers (phishers).

Spam, viruses and internet security can also be managed with more fundamental network configuration and Probrand specialises in design, build and guidance on individual computer and underlying network structure for maximum business protection.


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