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GDPR compliance needs to be business wide

Data protection stuff is IT’s job, right? Hand GDPR over to IT to sort…’ That’s been a common theme in the way some organisations have been approaching the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), so we’re calling time on the BS of IT being given the responsibility compliance for processes and policies that are completely out of their remit.  Of course, IT has a part of play, but the vast majority of compliance requires work from across the business and requires buy in from stakeholders to approve the resource to support compliance.

However, GDPR is a framework not a checkbox exercise, so there are many ways of implementing compliant working, and what you need to do will depend on your current business processes. And this is where we can help. If you’re not sure where to start, then take our test to see where you’ve still got compliance gaps, or request a free assessment by one of our ACE qualified practitioners via the form on the right.

At Probrand, we work closely with you to support you in each area of compliance:

  • cyber security;
  • compliance and accreditation;
  • recovery and investigation,
  • and legal advice, all tailored to your specific business requirements and processes.

Why Probrand for GDPR?

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Attention to Detail

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With years of experience in security and numerous partner accreditations, you can have confidence in best-in-class across all our services and solutions. Our sector experts can offer support tailored to your requirements from planning to configuration, assessments and deployment. And we can also bring in the further expertise of our trusted partners when required to ensure you get the right solution for your business.

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