Upgrade to an enterprise cloud infrastructure AND Reduce your operating costs

Find out how your business can benefit from Hyperconverged Infrastructure...

Hyperconverged infrastructure makes the management of your data centre resources easier than ever. This all-in-one storage, networking and compute solution is software defined, making flexibility and scalabilty simpler and more powerful than ever.

  • Simplify your server management
  • Cut costs and increase efficiency
  • Reduce deployment and recovery times
  • Make data loss a thing of the past.


Discover HCI with our technical architects

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure Defined

Hyperconverged infrastructure is the foundations of building an enterprise cloud that is easy to deploy and manage. HCI is a software solution that brings storage, networking and computing into an all-in-one software solution, making it more flexible, scalable and easy to manage than legacy on-prem infrastructures. HCI also allows your data centre requirements to grow with your business, whilst reducing costs at the same time.

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Watch our HCI Webinar

Join Probrand's Mark Lomas, and Dell's Mike Rhodes talking about hyper-converged infrastructure, an overview of what it is, how it compares to more traditional infrastructure and how it all works. Mike also gives more detail on available Dell HCI solutions.

Keep It Simple Stupid Hyperconvergence

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