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On Site IT Support is a pay-monthly service that combines a range of agreed IT services, including 24/7 remote monitoring of selected IT systems, real-time alerts, engineer support, consultancy, and automatic rollout of online security fixes and workflow application updates. A service level agreement will establish the level of support and expected implementation timeframes.

Key Features of On Site IT Support

Depending on client-side criteria such as type of business, the level of demand for access to online applications, the level of demand for remote network access, and on site demand for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) services, the business-specific key features of On Site IT Support will alter accordingly. 

To this end, the On Site IT Support service vendor will assist the client in assessing factors such as the likely cost of downtime and the value of returning to full operational capacity within set timeframes, helping to outline the level of required On Site IT Support.

Key features of On Site IT Support include: 

  • Regular service reports  
  • Automatic patch installation
  • Telephone help desk & email support
  • Automatic rollout of online security updates
  • Emergency callout - on site IT engineer support 
  • 24/7 remote network monitoring (including email, workstations, and on site servers)

Other optional key features of On Site IT Support include access to a self-service online portal (allowing for a real-time at-a-glance analysis of services) and Cloud Backup options.

Benefits of On Site IT Support

On Site IT Support offers financial benefits as well as aiding in higher levels of business continuity (i.e. reducing downtime to minimise disruption to work-flow productivity). Therefore, On Site IT Support aims to provide a cost-effective means of ensuring that the relevant proactive and reactive action is taken in response to business-specific online/offline IT issues. 

Benefits of On Site IT Support include:

  • Guaranteed response times 
    On Site IT Support guarantees access to the relevant IT expertise (i.e. experienced IT technician) within agreed timeframes. This results in an expedited return to full operational capacity, which minimises downtime, saves money by side-stepping block payments for one-off expert assistance, and lessens the potential impact on the company’s reputation that can be caused by denied access to online applications. 
  • Reduce the need to hire specialist IT staff
    On Site IT Support offers a fixed monthly price covering all agreed IT services - this price does not increase over the term of the contract (no matter how many times the IT services are required). This reduces the need to hire and maintain an on site team of experienced IT professionals, meaning the client benefits from the additional reduced costs of not needing to equip and maintain an in house IT team. 
  • Focus all resources on core business objectives 
    Depending on the level of service, On Site IT Support is able to provide cover against all software and hardware eventualities that may result in downtime. This means that companies can reduce expenditure on in-house IT solutions, instead focusing all resources on achieving core business objectives. 

What are the additional features of outsourced On Site IT Support?

Aside from the main key features of On Site IT Support, companies with particular IT infrastructures and business goals may also benefit from optional extras that can help to guarantee a high level of business continuity. The service level agreement will serve to outline the agreed core services and any additional services that will be covered within the contract.

Extra features that may be available with On Site IT Support include:

  • Email hosting
  • Server health check
  • Managed antivirus services
  • Out of hours support package 
  • Audit of existing security features

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