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Mimecast was founded in 2003 as a cloud based all-in-one solution for email security, continuity, and recovery. The service is operated via a series of geographically dispersed data centres, delivering 100% uptime across all email storage and processing services. Mimecast is compatible with Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, and Exchange (or a hybrid combination).

Compliance - Audit Readiness with Mimecast

Mimecast services incorporate full and up to date compliance requirements, allowing companies to maintain audit readiness. This is especially important where a company handles personal or sensitive data. 

With compliance services from Mimecast, companies are not required to source specialist IT personnel and further dedicate staff hours towards supervising, reviewing, and reporting on:

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Instant messaging
  • Enterprise collaboration

Mimecast - Email Cloud Archiving with Supervision

Email Cloud Archiving with Supervision is a Mimecast service that provides the user with email filtering and monitoring options aimed at detecting and isolating potential email security issues. The integrated archiving solution also offers data reporting features.

Potential security issues that Email Cloud Archiving with Supervision from Mimecast can help to detect include: 

  • Insider trading
  • Money laundering
  • Other email based illegal activities 

Mimecast Targeted Email Threat Detection

Targeted Email Threat Detection from Mimecast offers customisable multi-layered protection against email borne malware (i.e. malicious attachments) for any device connected to the business network. 

The service provides:

  • Safe file conversion
  • Attachment sandboxing where threats are detected 
  • Analysis of existing attachments when beginning the service

Targeted Threat Detection safeguarding algorithms from Mimecast do not slow down email functionality (e.g. staff will be able to receive, open, and send emails at normal speed). 

Cyber Resilience for Email

Email is an attack vector used in targeting businesses of all sizes. The aim of the attack is to secure access to sensitive or personal data that can be useful to the attacker. 

From phishing tactics (relatively smaller scale individual device attacks) and whaling tactics (aimed at relatively much larger targets such as high ranking individuals), to disruptive attacks, cyber resilience is an important security issue relating to business continuity.

Threat intelligence and global threat analysis from Mimecast offers:

  • Email accessibility during a cyber attack
  • Prevention of email cyber attacks
  • Recovery of locked data

Cyber Resilience for email from Mimecast is achieved by offering:

  • URL inspection 
  • Spam inspection 
  • Impersonation inspection (domain security checks)
  • Attachment inspection (including searching for any files that represent a malicious malware or ransomware security issue)

Defence Only vs Cyber Resilience

Resilience strategies from Mimecast aim to place a focus on the likelihood of a cyber attack. This means incorporating cyber resilience into all IT systems, security controls, policies, and infrastructure. The ultimate aim of planned cyber resilience is to ensure that the impact of any cyber attack is minimised and does not result in downtime.

This approach to global IT hygiene therefore focuses on core cyber resilience elements such as network setup, patching, and infrastructure design based on threat intelligence.  

In contrast, defence only strategies rely on finding solutions to attacks that are already underway. This could involve downtime and hiring expert IT staff. 

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