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Approved Partner of Veeam

Probrand is an official partner and vendor of Veeam Software. Probrand is committed to the delivery of cost-effective cloud data management services that offer scalable data retention and wide ranging online protections for cloud native applications. The efficient cloud-first strategies championed by Veeam Software ensure that businesses benefit from instant access to a bespoke suite of off-site software-as-a-service capabilities, ultimately providing an unbeatable level of virtual continuity between multiple environments.

What is Veeam?

Veeam is a combination of modern data protection technologies built specifically for the virtualised environment. This means that unlike other backup vendors that may offer virtualisation as an additional ‘bolt-on’ to an IT infrastructure designed around a physical office, Veeam offers integrated cloud data management software solutions accessible as a fully controlled online storage and data protection system.

Features of Veeam include:

  • Cloud Data Retention

Veeam provides users with long term data retention benefits through the implementation of state-of-the-art native object storage integration solutions.

This means that users are able to leverage cloud-based Veeam solutions as part of a bespoke strategic data security initiative. 

  • Cloud Mobility

Cloud mobility from Veeam ensures both the ease of data portability and the access or recovery of all on-premises workloads or stored cloud-based data. 

This means that customers are not locked-in to a single office infrastructure when working across tasks with offsite staff and clients.

  • Security and Compliance

When migrating to the cloud, businesses face a host of security and compliance considerations (e.g. GDPR). Veeam offers easy to use advanced controls.

The Veeam Reputation

The Veeam cloud tier offers ‘unlimited scalability data retention’ at a reduced cost for backups. This means that the Veeam reputation has been built upon providing businesses with the option to perform regular backups of critical databases throughout the working day with a significant increase in ROI. For businesses facing high demand for access to online applications, Veeam offers fast virtual machine restoration with end to end encryption, resulting in minimal disruption to the end user and improved online protections.

Since the inception of Veeam in 2006, the Veeam reputation has advanced year on year with both the software and the company founders winning multiple international awards. This includes honours such as being listed by Forbes as one of the world’s top 100 cloud companies in 2016 and 2017, as well as other related product of the year awards and SMB awards in software.

Probrand Cloud Backup and Data Protection Case Studies

We are proud of our partnership with Veeam Software. Probrand is dedicated to the delivery of measurable IT solutions that lower user costs and improve upon existing software, hardware, and cloud-based infrastructure. We have worked with multiple high profile clients in deploying upgraded tamper-proof work environments (often with multi-site considerations).

Our vast experience extends to:

These case studies form a small sample of our many cloud backup and data protection case studies relevant to the robust data storage and online protection options available through Veeam Software. Please take the time to browse the various ways in which probrand has assisted small, medium, and large scale enterprises with cost-effective long lasting IT solutions.

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Veeam provides cost-effective, easy to use, scalable cloud backup and protection options. If you would like more information about Veeam Software and how migrating to the cloud could help your company to increase data retention and lower costs, contact us today for specialist advice and guidance. Whether you are looking to relocate, expand operations, or adapt your current IT infrastructure to make the switch to the cloud, our expert IT technicians have the answers you need.

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