• What is an IT Health Check?

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An IT Health Check is an audit of internal and external IT systems. The aim is to identify potential security threats that could provide unauthorised users with a viable pathway to restricted data. The outcome is a report that prioritises potential security issues, allowing IT resources to be implemented most effectively to minimise threats.

What does an IT Health Check audit from Probrand include?

An IT Health Check from Probrand will jointly assess all internal and external IT systems so as to identify potential weaknesses in your business network. The internal audit exists to identify any vulnerabilities within your on-site IT network. The external audit serves to highlight any flaws in security that could result in unauthorised access to data from the internet.

Internal systems audit includes:

  • Wireless network configuration checks
  • Up-to-date server build and configuration checks
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) configuration checks
  • Patching checks (Operating Systems, Applications, and Firmware)
  • UP-to-date build and configuration checks on all network devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones)

External systems audit includes:

  • Firewall health check - including analysing disk usage, CPU load speed, log anomalies, and your overall firewall security policy
  • Web servers - we analyse multiple KPIs (including website response times and page load speeds) to determine the health of your web servers
  • Email servers - Manage emails effectively to prevent CPU bottlenecks and other capacity issues that could result in security breaches
  • VPN configuration - we use advanced tools to ensure your DNS queries are protected (ensuring your VPN does not leak data)
  • External suppliers with network access may also pose a security threat and must be looked at on an individual basis

External suppliers could pose an ongoing and unpredictable security threat. We will ensure that in-house provisions are in place to protect your network architecture against any potential security risks that may result from changes made by external suppliers in management setup and business procedures. We understand external network security risks.

Your easy-to-read ‘Output’ report

Upon completion of your IT health check, we will provide you with a highly accessible and easy-to-read Output security report. Security threats are are identified and scored using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). This method of presenting security risks allows for better planning and decision making regarding how to allocate IT resources most effectively.
Where possible, we will provide short-term remedial solutions that may be implemented relatively quickly to help in immediately reducing the threat of security risks. This type of action may include temporary network segregation, limiting internal or external device access, or increased monitoring of computer systems. We also advise on long-term structural fixes.

Why choose Probrand for your next IT Health Check?

We offer quarterly and monthly IT Health Checks. Our highly trained certified engineers are able to recognise areas win which security risks may arise - even if those risks are not currently present. For example, if you are planning an off-site business expansion, all security procedures relating to network access must be considered.
Additional areas in which we offer market leading advice include:

  • Virus Protection
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup
  • Multi-floor cabling and onsite wireless access

We will ensure that checks and preventative measures are in place to prohibit internal devices from intentionally or unintentionally causing harm to other network connected devices or to your wider IT infrastructure.



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