• Data Backup & Cloud Disaster Recovery - What is the Difference?

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Data Backup refers to a hard copy of mission critical data. Following an IT related catastrophic event, this data provides a means of business continuity. Disaster Recovery is a cloud based network complete with an up to date copy of relevant data and systems. Business productivity may continue seamlessly in the cloud where the original network becomes unavailable.

Data Backup vs Disaster Recovery Enterprise sized business ventures and start-ups typically experience less demand for access to online applications and therefore may benefit from a Data Backup level of protection. Medium to large scale businesses require greater protection against downtime due to the level of demand for online applications. Therefore, larger businesses may benefit from Disaster Recovery in the cloud.

What is Data Backup?

Data Backup provides a cost effective method of achieving business continuity. Where daily workflow is disrupted by issues such as file corruption or hardware failure, a copy of essential data can be used to seed a replacement hard drive. Work may continue as soon as the replacement data is made available.

Data Backup - How does it work?

An efficient Data Backup system stores regular snapshots of data (daily/weekly). A suitable IT infrastructure that both supports large scale data storage and provides an effective route to Backup recovery should also be in place.

Benefits of Data Recovery software:

  • Save Time
    Data Backup software can help to identify and recover the required mission critical data in a much shorter time frame compared to locating saved files and systems manually.
  • Save Preferences
    Backup software provides the option to compartmentalise the data selected to be saved. This creates well ordered storage with faster access to files and systems.

What is Disaster Recovery in the Cloud?

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud is similar to Data Backup in that a close to real time copy of mission critical data is stored as a means of effective business continuity. However, the major difference is that Disaster Recovery is hosted off site in a dedicated and staffed cloud storage facility.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud How does it work?

  • Create a Copy
    Disaster Recovery services begin with creating a copy of mission critical data.
  • Maintain Data
    Regular snapshots of critical data are taken throughout the day/week as necessary.
  • Access Data in the Cloud
    In the event of a catastrophic such as a server outage, data stored in a seeded cloud network provides a seamless means of business continuity.

Minimise Downtime - Downtime can affect customer retention and profits. Where there is high demand for access to online applications, Cloud Based Disaster Recovery is the preferred data recovery option. Switching to a cloud network that is seeded with personal files and systems reduces downtime and provides market leading business continuity.

More info: Disaster Recovery

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