• What are Collaboration Tools?

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Collaboration Tools may include any form of software or hardware that has been specifically designed to provide an efficient means of fast and concise communication. For example, collaborative tools could include a touch screen whiteboard, video conferencing technology, and email archiving systems.

Although collaboration tools may be used for idea sharing on a small scale between individuals, the major use for such technology typically falls into the categories of business use and education.

What are the Benefits of Introducing Collaboration Tools?

Productivity is reliant on smooth and efficient communication. This includes business to business communication, business to client communication, and the timely dissemination of notifications throughout the workforce as necessary. Removing the barriers that could prevent essential communication from taking place is pivotal in creating a positive and productive working environment.

Collaboration Tools - Types of Tools

The major benefit of modern, powerful, industry grade collaboration tools can be seen as maximising the use of time. This helps to boost client interaction and client retention where applicable and also improves staff output. The types of collaboration tools available to businesses are loosely grouped into several main areas of productivity.

  • Design
  • Communication
  • Project management
  • Documentation (e.g. email archiving)

Social Media - various social media platforms are also considered to be collaborative tools in their own right. Video and text-type software such as Skype and Slack provide on the go communication between colleagues. Other social media platforms provide a means of gathering feedback from shared projects. This type of collaboration aims to reduce friction at the research and development phase.

Cybersecurity - Safe Online Collaboration

Collaboration tools that are deployed in a work environment are often coupled with recommended online threat protection software. This is to ensure that any wireless data shared between the onsite computer network and any internet ready collaboration devices is not accessible to any outside threats.

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