• What is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)?

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BYOD is a means of granting network access to visiting devices (e.g. smartphones, laptops, tablets). The technology involves partitioning the on-site network so as to allow selective access to applications and files. This enables network communications and internet privileges while preventing unauthorised access to sensitive data.

Why is BYOD so Important?

Business growth typically results in greater demand for network access. This demand for access could come from within the company (i.e. staff members bringing laptops and other devices onto the premises), or from visiting customers/clients that wish to access the network from personal devices. BYOD grants safe network access to all visiting devices.

How Does BYOD Help?

Depending on the scale of business operations, a company could stand to benefit from BYOD technology in a variety of ways. First, we will look at the benefits of BYOD at a staffing level.

  • Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs)
    The success of an enterprise venture is likely to hinge on the quality of work produced by a relatively small team of skilled individuals. Allowing key staff members to provide their own devices with which they are both familiar and comfortable will naturally result in increased productivity. Costs are also reduced where staff members are permitted to provide their own work station equipment.
  • Large Businesses
    In order to remain competitive in the marketplace, a business must attract high calibre employees. Implementing a BYOD policy ensures that the company presents an attractive prospect for skilled workers who are accustomed to certain working practices (i.e. providing their own specialist hardware and software).

Next we will look at the benefits of BYOD in relation to clientele:

  • Easy Network Access
    Office based business meetings require quick and easy access to network data. Where visiting devices are not supported by BYOD technology, clients may be required to access the network through unfamiliar devices and potentially unfamiliar operating systems. This could result in a stop-start approach to sharing and developing ideas where clients are forced to switch between viewing network information on one device and presenting information on their own device. BYOD permits clients to use their own familiar device, meaning fast access to data and increased workflow.
  • Smooth Communication
    In order for meetings to progress, clients may require occasional outside contact with colleagues. Where BYOD is available, clients are able to receive and share emails and attachments via the on-site network. This forward thinking approach to communication helps to create a positive and progressive working atmosphere.

More info: BYOD

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