• Cyber Security LIVE 2020

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This year has brought great change to the way we work, as well as where and how we work – sharing data differently, utilising old tech and user-owned devices and shifting information and conversation to the cloud. Cyber Security LIVE 2020 will give you guidance in a time of uncertainty when cyber criminals have adapted to take advantage of vulnerabilities in technology and people that have arisen during this period of rapid change. You can also claim a free cyber security capability assessment!

Each video takes between 10 - 25 minutes so grab a coffee, and pick an insightful presentation:


Securing the enterprise and minimising risk in a multi-cloud world

Arash Ghazanfari


Current threat landscape - from Covid 19 to fake news and political phishing attacks

Dmitriy Ayrapetov


Securing the Remote Workforce’s New Normal: Fight back with Cyber AI

Mariana Pereira


Cybercrime: The Police Response

Andrew Gould


Panel - Cyber crime in a post-pandemic world

Mahbubul Islam, Nicola Whiting MBE, David Emm


Cyber risk and director’s liabilities: How to drive cyber security priorities and investments

Phil Tansley


No IT team? How to protect against cyber attacks

Rupak Kharel


Incident Response 101 - If it hits the fan, will you have a plan?

Ste Watts


Panel - Cyber security culture and remote working

Holly Grace Williams, Phil Jackman, Andy Bates


Tackling the security implications of a cloud first approach

Mark Lomas


Cyber security: The board report one year on

James Arthur


How much does your business really need to spend on cyber security?

Richard Beck


You get the cyber security you deserve, but what does that look like now?

James McKinlay


How are improvements being driven in cyber security, resiliency and posture for the NHS?

Rosie Underwood


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