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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to register to use the marketplace?
Only upon login will you see the full Probrand marketplace experience.
The signup and logon process enables Probrand to ensure that you are connected with all our suppliers and guarantees you are getting the best price tailored to your sector.

Where does my registration data go and/or where is it stored?
Registration data is stored securely within Probrand’s marketplace at secure data centres.

How do I update my user information, for example if I change jobs or work location?
A change of user organisation will necessitate a new signup, as organisations are linked to email address functionality as well as organisation name. A system housekeeping process will ensure that unused accounts, after prompting, will be deactivated. Other basic changes, such as default delivery address, can be accessed via the "Account" menu at the top of each screen.

Who do I email if I have a question?
Please use the "Contact Us" link on the homepage - this will generate an email to the support team.

Can I call someone to ask a question?
Yes of course Please use the "Contact Us" link on the homepage - this will generate an email to the support team. If you would prefer a call back please add your telephone number.

How and why are products filtered?
Products may be filtered based on your user role and/or organisation which is linked to permissions to the catalogue. A restricted product view may have been specifically requested by your organisation.

How is stock calculated?
Each supplier has registered with us a list of distributors with whom they have an account relationship. Stock by supplier is the sum of available stock in distribution from those distributors, plus any locally-held stock supplied to us alongside each suppliers price feed. It should be appreciated that this is not an exact science as some suppliers will have access to the same distribution channel stock as others (and distribution stock is also available to the wider technology products market, including public/private sector and retailers), and there will be short delays in stock updates as orders flow through the process. There could be occasions where supplier advises that a product is out of stock due to the timing issues and complexity of the market. This may result in the need to cancel a quote/order and select a different product.

How do I return an item?
For "dead on arrival" products (i.e. not working or damaged on delivery) or incorrectly-delivered items please contact the supplier directly using the contact details on your system-generated quote/order form to arrange a return.

How long will it take a supplier to process and despatch my order?
Individual suppliers hours of business will vary, but, as a minimum, we would expect them to process orders during standard UK office hours. Customers can select "Next Day" or "Standard" delivery options at checkout, but the time of day at which the order is placed, and availability of stock (local or in the distribution channel) will affect when an order can actually be despatched.

How do I deal with warranty issues?
This will depend on the warranty arrangements applicable to the product purchased. Please check the warranty documentation supplied with your product in the first instance.

What happens if I can't find my product on the catalogue?
There are over 350,000 standard, off the shelf products available on the catalogue. If an alternative/suitable product can't be located, please use the feedback form available on every page to let us know. Please remember that this catalogue is designed for commodity, off the shelf hardware and software products - bespoke builds, alternative configurations, etc. won't be available if not produced by the manufacturer under a standard part code available to the general market. For some upgrade configurations (e.g. additional memory) associated products may be shown at the bottom of each main product page. Consideration could be given to adding these to your quote/order and arranging installation locally.

What do I do if I am not happy with my item and want to return it to the supplier?
Please contact either the client services team or your account manager.

What product warranty is included?
Technology Products content is sourced from an industry database which is mostly populated directly by original equipment manufacturers. As such, warranty is supplied as it comes "out of the box" on a per-product basis. Please check the product specification for warranty details and duration. Additional/extended warranty, if available, should be shown as an "associated product" on each main product page and can be purchased as an addition if available and required.

Is it common practice for the supplier to contact / call me to confirm the order?
No - as the catalogue is designed for high volumes of transactions suppliers aren't expected to contact buyers by telephone or vice versa. Running an online process helps to minimise supplier costs which reflects in buyer pricing.

Is there a "Favourites" option where I can mark products I order frequently?
There is a "lists" function where products can be identified and stored - this facilitates reordering using the standard smart basket functions for availability and pricing each time.

How do I know that the supplier has received my order?
Once an order is sent to a supplier (whether directly from the platform or by using an "offline" process following issue of a system quote) the supplier will follow their own, internal process for fulfilment so this will vary by supplier. A copy of each purchase order or quote (where the quote reason is set as "for offline purchase order generation") is also sent to the buyer at the same time.

Can suppliers charge a premium for payment by card? (e.g. Debit/Credit/ePCS Cards)
No - the totals shown on system quotes and purchase orders should be the price payable, regardless of payment method.

How can I cancel my quote/order with the supplier?
Quotes will automatically expire after 30 calendar days. If you've requested a quote and have indicated that you will be processing an "offline" order then its good practice to cancel the quote (in your quotes list) as suppliers may be holding stock and/or pricing pending receipt of your order. Orders are firm and can't be cancelled - please see the returns FAQ for further information.

If I raise an order and the price changes can I cancel my order and raise a new one at the correct price?
Prices are fixed at time of quote/order. Once a purchase order is issued then a standard call off contract exists under the associated framework agreement. Cancellation is only possible under the T&C's of the agreement/call off contract and could incur costs. Please also see the returns FAQ.

Will I receive an order confirmation from the supplier?
Once an order is sent to a supplier (whether directly from the platform or by using an "offline" process following issue of a system quote) the supplier will follow their own, internal process for fulfilment so this will vary by supplier.

What’s the difference between a quote and an order?
Quotes can be requested for two purposes - indicative/for budgetary approval, or to support the issue of an order where the buyers ordering process does not permit issue of a system purchase order directly at checkout. For the latter, a copy of the quote is also sent to the supplier(s) for visibility and is a formal fixed quotation, valid for 30 calendar days. Orders processed (whether directly from the purchasing platform or using an "offline" process) are firm and constitute a standard call off contract under either the appropriate/associated framework agreement - there's no need to issue a call off document as long as a system purchase order is used or a system quote is referenced within or attached to an "offline" order. A System Order is just that - a full Purchase Order for fulfilment by the supplier(s).

Can I change an already submitted quote/order?
No - quotes and orders are fixed within the platform and buying processes. Please see the FAQ for cancellation.

Would we be able to implement e-invoicing and/or consolidated invoicing?
These services would have to be by arrangement directly between supplier and buying organisation, i.e. outside of the current scope of The Purchasing Platform.

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