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Probrand breaks the traditional reseller mould with a digital platform that removes supply chain barriers, joining buying and selling communities fairly, so everyone benefits.

Our cutting-edge technology gives buyers the hassle-free, transparent, and personalised digital experience they want whilst allowing us to also innovate for our partners, with a raft of key benefits and a partner program designed to develop proactive, and consultative partnerships that support genuine mutual growth through the close working of sales, supply chains and marketing teams.

Features and Benefits

Compete openly in the Marketplace

Getting closer to your IT buyers from our 40,000 registered users

Grow market share

Shift stock and grow net new business

Vertical market targeting

Communicate niche discounts to market verticals and customer groups

Verticle Stratergies

Test product and price strategies by split testing across multiple verticals

Dynamic catalogue management

Manage your own live catalogues, including rich content

Be more agile and drive competitive advantage

Seamless integration

Be more efficient, and connect with ERP, database and finance systems

Unique guided experiences

Create embedded digital advisors for next level customer service and brand experience

Management Information and analytics

For data-driven decision-making

Process automation

Digitise workflows to improve efficiency

Bespoke marketing opportunities

Probrand key stakeholder engagement

Technology delivered Worldwide

Our Marketplace technology already delivers worldwide for our partners IBM and Lenovo.

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