• IT infrastructure that takes the stress out of server management

    Powerful server bundles with predictive analytics—at no extra cost

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IT infrastructure that takes the stress out of server management

Simplify your infrastructure management with the self-monitoring and analytics abilities of HPE ProLiant servers and HPE InfoSight, with automated resource allocation, predictive maintenance, and high performance for low cost.

With HPE ProLiant servers and HPE InfoSight, you can get started in as little as 24 hours with the leading AI-driven predictive analytics that will take your infrastructure to a whole new level of efficiency.

You’ll get all this from the most reliable servers in the market, plus absolutely free add-on AI capabilities from HPE InfoSight.


What is HPE InfoSight:



Detailed telemetry from the world’s largest database of infrastructure information

HPE InfoSight is built on a unique approach to data collection and analysis. It continuously collects data from thousands of embedded sensors built into every HPE system across the globe. With information from storage environments, virtual machines and everything in between, it has a huge database to draw on.


Proactive recommendations from a proactive AI analytics platform

The HPE InfoSight database feeds the industry’s first and only AI-driven recommendation engine, designed to help you make informed decisions about your infrastructure. HPE InfoSight predicts and helps you prevent problems before they can disrupt applications. It transforms support from reactive to predictive, and takes the guesswork out of managing your infrastructure.



Discover More About HPE AI Powered Servers

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Multi-layer security, both at a hardware and software level, with single-click recovery

We build security into the very silicon our hardware is made from, protecting our firmware from day one with the HPE’s Silicon Root of Trust. The firmware is checked in real-time by our automated runtime verification, so you’re always confident in the knowledge that you are operating your business on the world’s most secure server. Combine that with automatic recovery and single-click restoration for up to 1,000 servers, and you’re operating on the world’s most secure servers.


InfoSight watches over your infrastructure 24/7

1000s of data points are built into HPE servers, providing rich data to InfoSight’s machine learning engine


The servers

Right now, we’re offering market leading prices on three of our server models. You can get started for less with either:

Our ProLiant servers are multi-award-winning and market-leading in performance and efficiency—giving you the highest standard of infrastructure performance with low operational costs.

Ready to maximise availability, bring down your TCO, and take the pressure off your IT teams?

Place your order for your HPE ProLiant server, supported by HPE InfoSight, today—and you can get started on your new path to stronger, smarter infrastructure tomorrow.



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