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Hybrid and anywhere working models require a flexible, secure, reliable and sustainable print solution.

If you’re an IT professional looking for advice on how to help make your business operate more sustainably, you’re in the right place.

With 1.45 million tonnes of *electrical equipment being thrown away each year and organisations recycling less than 10% of their IT hardware, having a distributed workforce risks exacerbating the ‘waste’ issue.

Brother recently conducted a UK wide survey and discovered that these were the very topics that were high on the agenda of IT decision makers across the UK.


Sustainability eBook - Print solutions for all working environments.

In this latest ebook, Brother UK's research uncovers some key stats around sustainability goals that companies are working towards and confirms that with ambitious climate goals set by world leaders, sustainability remains high on the agenda for the majority of businesses.

The research confirms that some 97% of businesses have measures in place to try to operate more sustainably within ICT and technology. The approaches of some organisations include increasing workforce awareness around:

  • energy efficient technology,
  • the use of refurbished or recycled hardware and,
  • the adoption of managed print services (MPS) to better control the delivery and usage of print supplies.     


Download the Achieving your sustainability goals eBook here to gain valuable insights on how businesses are prioritising sustainability and the approaches being taken to achieve sustainable purchasing decisions. 


Discover more about Brother print solutions that support your sustainability goals: 

Brother bespoke print solutions are flexible, reliable, secure and sustainable. IT play a vital role in boosting business sustainability and when managed effectively, can provide green benefits. A managed print service (MPS) provides a print device monitoring system to track usage and identify opportunities to better control the delivery and usage of print supplies. Brother MPS gives users access to their remote IT support desk, with a team of experts who can resolve any issues remotely, wherever they are.


Fill in the form on the right if you would like to discuss your sustainable print solution objectives with one of our product specialists     


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As an end-to-end technology provider, Probrand has industry partnerships with third-party data communications carriers, such as Brother, ensuring high-performance collaboartion between your teams and clients. 

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