• UK businesses fail to keep pace with security threats posed by hybrid working

Technology services provider Probrand has released a study that reveals the security measures taken to protect businesses have not kept up with the evolving threats posed by today’s hybrid landscape.  

The study is part of Probrand’s ongoing research into security trends which has gathered responses from more than 550 UK organisations in both the public and private sector over the past 12 months – with more granular research amongst a further 53 UK SMEs revealing an alarming increase in the vulnerability of businesses to cyber crime and data breaches.

For example, despite BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) being an integral element of hybrid working, 83% of businesses said they could not be confident that they were able to control and manage how users access corporate data via their personal devices.

Equally worrying was the lack of defenses in place to protect against hackers, with 68% of respondents unsure whether their organisation has multi-factor authentication in place. Only 19% could say they had an anti-virus solution in place that is constantly analysing the system for vulnerabilities.

As well as assessing their capabilities in mitigating threats, Probrand also asked respondents about their ability to recover from an attack. Only a quarter (25%) could confidently say that they had the right backup and recovery in place for their organisation.

Mark Lomas, technical architect at Probrand commented: ‘‘The transition to hybrid working has thrown up some very specific challenges, with organisations clearly still struggling to deliver an adequate level of protection.

‘‘Ensuring that all devices – wherever they’re being used – have the latest antivirus, firewall and software patches in place is a good first step in helping to protect your organisation.

‘‘Arguably even more important is the need to ensure that teams are being educated in how to respond to threats. This was something of a red flag in our survey – with less than half of organisations saying their remote teams felt confident they could handle an attack.

‘‘As well as delivering regular training, it’s vital that organisations are fostering a culture where staff feel they can ask questions if they’re second guessing something that looks suspicious.’’

The Probrand report includes guidance on how organisations can mitigate risk and put measures in place to protect employees, devices and data.

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