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IT Supply Chain Insights - August 2017

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It was a somewhat strong month for the IT channel in July. Smartphones shipments were set to rebound, personal computing devices were forecast to reach positive growth, wearable sales increase, semiconductor revenue cracked $400bn, the AMOLED panel market rapidly expanding, and the euro ended strongly in contrast to the GBP and USD.

IT Supply Chain Insights - July 2017

June proved a disrupted month for the IT channel. Smartphone and enterprise storage shipments fell, TV panel shipments dropped, PC devices were down in the UK and Toshiba announced the selling of its memory business. Read More

IT Supply Chain Insights - June 2017

It was a mixed month for the IT channel in May. Smartphone and notebook shipments increased while tablets and PCs dipped. Worldwide DRAM revenues rose even though mobile DRAM revenue is decreasing YoY, LCD panel shipments have increased YoY but jumped on the quarter, while printer sales in Western Europe registered yet another quarterly drop. Read More

Older Issues

IT Supply Chain Insights - March 2017 - February was a mostly positive month for the IT channel. Smartphone shipment growth is predicted to increase, semiconductor revenue achieved record levels, DRAM prices continue to sit high, SSD prices are up and LCD TV panel shipments saw growth.

IT Supply Chain Insights - January 2017 - There have been some markets in decline this month, including the global printer and enterprise and HDD storage markets, but it wasn't all doom and gloom for the IT channel.

IT Supply Chain Insights - December 2016 - This month the US president also blocked a Chinese takeover of German semiconductor manufacturer, display shipments are down but revenue keeps growing, and the European printer market sees mixed results.

IT Supply Chain Insights - October 2016 - The IT channel was relatively positive this month with several segments reporting growth in Q2 and the first half of this year. In some areas growth was forecast through 2017 across shipments, revenue and average prices.

IT Supply Chain Insights - September 2016 - Smartphone sales, panel shipments and DRAM prices were all up, printers experienced a variety of ups and downs, while notebook shipments fell only slightly. The euro also showed signs of strength with strong mid-month rises in contrast to both the GBP and USD, but fell hard later in the month.

IT Supply Chain Insights - July 2016 - There seemed to quite a lot of positives outflowing from the channel this month even with minor losses to revenue and shipments. June also proved a tense time for the euro and the pound both in the lead up to, and consequence of the UK Brexit referendum.

IT Supply Chain Insights - June 2016 - Ultramobiles continue shipment growth and market expansion. Intel eyes virtual reality with new ten-core chip. Western Europe printer market in decline.

IT Supply Chain Insights - May 2016 - iPhone experiences worst ever quarterly decline. Virtual reality hardware set for global success. Industrial PCs enjoy positive growth.

IT Supply Chain Insights - April 2016 - Smartphones officially in single digit growth period. All-flash array storage booms. Server revenue and units shipped enjoy YoY growth.

Technology Products Alert - March 2016 - iPhone has its first ever quarterly decline. Lenovo, a glimmer of hope in the ever decreasing notebook market. Wearables reap the benefits of growth.

Technology Products Alert - February 2016 - GBP continues to slide against the euro. TV panel shipments achieve positive growth. VR technology to provide glimmer of hope for PCs.

Technology Products Alert - January 2016 - Smartphones fall to first annual single-digit shipment growth. A glimmer of hope for notebooks after a difficult 2015. Personal 3D printers on the rise.  

Technology Products Alert - December 2015 - Emerging markets drive global phone shipments up 15.5%. Mobile DRAM growth minimising DRAM industry decline. Samsung makes inroads on Intel in global chip shipments with 10% Q3 increase.

Technology Products Alert - November 2015 - Tablet market sees fourth consecutive quarterly decline. EMEA PC shipments fall 23% YoY. Q3 semiconductor sales slide 2.8% on last year.

Technology Products Alert - October 2015 - Tablet market sees fourth consecutive quarterly decline. EMEA PC shipments fall 23% YoY. Q3 semiconductor sales slide 2.8% on last year.

Technology Products Alert - Septemeber 2015 - PC shipments have come into their fifth consecutive year of decline.  Enterprise storage revenues have increased. Tablet shipments decreased, however, 2-in-1 sales are soaring.