• China power crunch: Probrand warns IT buyers of further supply chain disruption

Technology services provider Probrand is urging IT buyers to make contingency plans as the UK faces a severe stock shortage triggered by China power crunch, which has stopped production at numerous factories.

A coal shortage, combined with a push for pollution reduction, means the Chinese government is now putting energy restrictions in place in many of its northeastern regions. Rationing measures have limited production at many factories to a couple of days a week, or in some cases halted it completely.

The news is a blow for the IT supply chain which was already facing a severe stock shortage due to soaring shipping costs, the ongoing impact of the pandemic and the aftermath of Brexit.

Probrand is warning buyers who have mission critical goods in transit to identify the factory of origin in order to understand if they will be affected.

Ian Nethercot, supply chain director at Probrand, said: “In the last 48 hours, we have spoken with factories located in Southern regions who, while currently unaffected, are expecting that they may soon face similar restrictions.

‘‘Buyers should prepare for the fact that this situation may worsen and start picking up the phone to their suppliers to find out where stock has originated from and if it’s been affected. If it has been, they need to make contingency plans now, including looking at whether any mission critical equipment can be sourced from other locations.’’


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