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Executive Summary



The largest number of price increases happened between August 17th - 19th, with 26,266.

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It was one of those summers individuals will discuss for quite a long time to come. Record-breaking daylight and, obviously, the minute we as a whole idea it was getting back home. As fast as it arrived, it was finished, and abruptly we end up heading towards Autumn and the mid-purpose of Q3.

The sun may have vanished however it's not all terrible news – and this point in the timetable is a phenomenal time for purchasers to think about the good and bad times of the main portion of the year.

We as a whole perceive that the IT inventory network is gigantically unstable. Nonetheless, thinking back to survey key patterns or examples can go about as an open door for IT class purchasers hoping to misuse key market influencers and secure the best item at the correct cost.


Exchange Rate


The euro made a positive begin against the GBP in August, however unfortunately this was brief. Beginning at 0.8899, it held unfaltering until the point when August fifth where it bounced to 0.8999 four days after the fact. The euro at that point fell before slowly moving from 0.8931 on August eleventh to a high of 0.9075 on the 28th, before falling down to 0.8961 toward the month's end.

British Pound (GBP) per 1 Euro (EUR)

It was a comparable story against the US dollar. The euro began inadequately, dropping from 1.1676 on August first to 1.1555 by August sixth. It encountered a speedy ascent to 1.1605 on August eighth before falling hard, hitting a low of 1.1332 by the fifteenth. The euro at that point climbed unequivocally, achieving a high of 1.1694 on August 28th, just to end the month withdraw at 1.1640.

US Dollar (USD) per 1 Euro (EUR)

Euro (EUR) per 1 British Pound (GBP)

US Dollar (USD) per 1 British Pound (GBP)

As per the Financial Times, swelling in the eurozone eased back to 2% in August, down from 2.1% in July yet at the same time over the ECB's objective of just shy of 2% because of rising oil costs.

Price Changes and News Through August 2018


Phones and Tablets

As stated by Gartner, worldwide cell phone deals grew 2% YoY in Q2 to 374.33m. Regardless of dropping 12.7% in deals, Samsung held the best spot with 72.33m units and 19.3% piece of the overall industry, trailed by Huawei in second with +38.6% YoY development to 49.84m units and 13.3% of the market. Apple (44.71m and 11.9% market), Xiaomi (32.82m and 8.8%) and Oppo (28.51m and 7.6%) adjusted the main five sellers. Android kept up its strength with 329.5m units and 88% of the market in Q2, with Apple's iOS in second at 11.9% of the market and 44.71m units.

Elsewhere in the world, IDC detailed that Chinese cell phone shipments fell 6% YoY yet esteem grew 15% YoY in Q2, while Apple is said to make a financial plan iPhone to empower it to contend all the more adequately with Android.

Rivalry among tech organizations can be uplifting news for purchasers who advantage from the additional decision of new items with extra highlights and usefulness. Instead of reach for the most recent model, be that as it may, this can be a chance to buy tech that landed a half year sooner at a now-decreased cost, as makers clear stock to clear a path for the new.

Traditional PCs

Global personal computer devices including PCs, tablets and workstations are set to fall 3.9% YoY in 2018 and will continue to fall 1.5% to 383.6m units by 2022. This could be prompted by the demand for compact devices that give working professionals the ability to incorporate CRM systems and other add-ons, rather than relying on several clunky devices.

IDC predicted that detachable tablets and notebooks are set to grow 8.7% to 31.4m and 0.4% to 165m units, respectively.

According to TrendForce, global notebook shipments are up 10.2% QoQ in Q2 quarter and 2.1% YoY to 41.08m units. HP topped the vendor list with 26.2% of the market, followed by Lenovo (20%), Dell (19.6%), Acer (8%) and Asus (7.4%). Looking ahead, TrendForce expects notebooks to enjoy 5-6% growth in Q3.

Monthly Stats

The last few months has seen relatively few new products coming onto the market. The largest volume occurred on August 27th, with 3,702 products launched on a single day.

We saw fewer price increases occur in August compared to July, although they did happen. The highest number of increases happened on August 9th, with 26,266 price hikes occurring across a variety of product categories, compared to 32,134 on July 11. Price decreases in August also jumped around, hitting a high of 26,266 between August 17th – 19th

New Products August 2018

Prices and Stock Movements August 2018



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