• What is Microsoft 365 and how could it help my business?

Whether you like a traditional 8-hour sit-down approach to your workload or a flexible work from any-time, anywhere dynamic; it’s difficult to keep all employees engaged on their tasks. Especially when they have their own unique, individual working preferences.

Enter Microsoft 365: a productive business suite, powered by the cloud, which will empower your workforce with collaborative tools adapted to fit different working preferences. A small, monthly subscription gives you a complete solution bundled with comprehensive productivity tools, security and device management capabilities.

So we’ve compiled a list of how Microsoft 365 will help your business: keeping your workforce focussed on productivity, collaboration and teamwork.

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Communication gains

Microsoft 365 comes with the tools and apps that everyone's familiar with such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It gives you the tools you need to focus what matters, as well as extras which will take your productivity further and enrich communication across the office:

Teams – a digital workspace and teamwork hub: share files, chat, set up conferences and collaborate on shared files. Includes customisable workspaces so that you can keep your business moving forwards.

Exchange Online –  Whether you’re sending emails, checking your calendar, journalling or crushing your task list – know that the in-built intelligence capabilities of Exchange Online will prioritise keeping your sensitive data safe. It's always up and running no matter where you’re working from: so that projects stay on track. 

Sharepoint Online – an active intranet space which can engage and inform your whole business. Tell stories and share news on team sites to keep everyone in-the-loop.


Enterprise Mobility Tools

Microsoft 365 is so much more than a comprehensive office suite, it comes with an easy device management solutions so that your apps can be accessed anywhere, from any device. If you’re a small business, without the resource for an extensive IT department, this is ideal as you'll be able to:

  • Wipe data from lost/stolen devices with Selective Wipe from Intune
  • Gain control over crucial company data by applying restrictions
  • Easily configure security features and settings
  • Auto-deploy apps to Windows 10 PCs
  • Configure installation settings


Cost effective

Microsoft 365 gives your team the opportunity to focus on their projects and cuts down procurement costs which can stack up from going to various external vendors. With a small, monthly subscription license, you’ll get the latest up-to-date office apps on all devices, in-built security and the ability to work from anywhere. You’ll also have help and support from a live person (if needed) at every turn – which will cut down your costs considerably.

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