• Business continuity impact assessment

A business continuity plan is essential to ensure you’re prepared and can keep your business running, should the worst happen. When your business experiences downtime it can cost money and resolving the issue can also tie up resource. The expenses to recover combined with lost revenues mean reduced profits; insurance doesn’t cover every cost and can’t replace custom lost to other businesses. 

The first step in developing a business continuity plan is undertaking a business impact analysis which will help identify the potential problems arising from a disruption of critical business functions and processes. This information can also be used to determine recovery priorities and strategies.

Our downloadable Business Impact Assessment gives you a structure to help you collect the right information from around your business. Make sure that every business function is included, and managers with adequate understanding of the business do the completion.


 Once completed the worksheets can be arranged to summarise:

  • the operational and financial impacts occurring from the failure of each business function and process
  • the point in time at which the loss of a function or process would lead to the identified business consequences.

It’s then easy to identify the priorities for recovery; they will be the functions or processes with the largest potential operational and financial effects. You can also then establish the Recovery Time Objective (RTO), the amount of time and level of service within which the function or business process must be restored to avert unacceptable business outcomes.

See for yourself how Disaster Recovery as a Service can provide you with the simple, rapid and cost-effective solution your business needs to ensure business continuity:



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