• Extra considerations when choosing a printer

When choosing a printer the usual considerations include TCO, reliability, quality, speed and noise, and of course laser or inkjet, colour or mono? But there are a couple of other factors that you might also want to consider...

Paper capacity

If you’re regularly finding that you send something to the printer and go to pick it up, only to find there’s no paper and a queue of jobs then it’s going to get frustrating pretty quickly. Particularly if you’re working in a fast-paced environment, juggling multiple tasks, and don’t have ten minutes to spare filling up the paper tray and then waiting for the print queue to complete (and it’s always yours that’s last, right?). 

Growing and print heavy offices should consider machines that you can add extra capacity to, to avoid employee frustration and keep the office running efficiently. We all have more important things to do than refill the paper tray every hour.

Consider: Brother Laser machines with up to four extra paper trays, like these L5000 series mono laser printers.


Data protection

If you’re printing any documents with sensitive or confidential information you could employ the press-print-and-run technique to make sure that you get to the printer before anyone else can see the document. This is a risky tactic particularly when considering your regulatory data protection responsibilities and legging it across the office to get to the printer isn’t going to do your professional profile any good either!

Many printers now are able to work with security software solutions that enable password protection to ensure documents can only be printed for the appropriate person.

Consider: Brother Laser machines which work with SecurePrint+ and User Authentication, as well as industry systems such as Papercut and Ringdale. For example, the HL-L8360CDW colour laser printer.


Who’s printer is it anyway?

Collaborative working means working around the office, hot desking next to colleagues, meetings away from your desk, but when you need to print a report, a presentation, or document the nearest printer might not be accessible to you, meaning delays and frustration.

Save the hassle by considering a printer that has wireless and NFC connectivity to allow you to scan print / scan / copy wherever you are – helping you work more efficiently.

Consider: Brother machines with wireless and network connectivity as standard, straight out of the box.


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