• Mobile working: Engage customers wherever you meet them

Mobile working: how Microsoft Surface can help you engage customers wherever you meet them

‘Personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user.’ – Bill Gates

For the frontline salesperson, the personal computer has become one of the most effective modes of communication, allowing these mobile workers to engage customers with presentations and demonstrations wherever they meet potential buyers. Ensuring that they’re equipped with the best available tool for the job is crucial, and Microsoft’s Surface line of computers is a serious contender for the top spot.

Here’s why. 

Avoiding the trade-off

It’s no secret that tablet sales are dropping off as of late, and some – like Gartner’s Mikako Kitagawa – put this down to the limited functionality of the devices: ‘when users started using the tablets, they realised the devices had limitations versus a PC’. 

Throughout this decline, Microsoft’s Surface range has grown its market share – and for good reason. The Surface Pro 6, Book 2 and Go brings together the best of both worlds, offering all the intuitive functionality of a tablet and backing it up with the processing power of a high-end laptop. 

The ability to bring clean, well-designed presentations to customers has often meant sacrificing performance and versatility. Products like the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Book 2 sidestep this trade-off with their combination of detachable touch screens and laptop-like functionality. 

And, processing power makes it possible to guide customers through demonstrations and software walkthroughs without the need for two separate devices, saving mobile workers an average of nine hours on common tasks

No more power cuts 

There are few things that can halt customer engagement like a tablet or laptop running out of battery mid-presentation. It can be difficult to keep on top of charging, especially for mobile workers constantly on-the-go between meetings. 

The Surface Pro 6 boasts 13.5 hours of battery life, while the Book 2 tops out at 17 hours – both providing enough charge for around two average work days. Dead batteries will be a distant memory for your frontline salespeople. 

Put on a show

‘We pride ourselves on being an innovative company, and when I’m giving presentations on the Surface, customers always comment on it.  It’s far cooler than pulling out a giant six-pound laptop.’ – Guy Collins

Guy Collins of Hunter Industries highlights one of the range’s major strengths: its ability to impress customers. With high-resolution PixelSense displays and intuitive touch screens, the Surface range is a highly polished and engaging way to present information to your customers. 

The flexibility of its configuration makes for easy adaptability to whatever presentation situation your frontline salespeople find themselves in. Quick transition between laptop, tablet and studio modes means that the experience can be customised for the needs of whatever space you’re selling in. The Surface Pro 6’s Mini DisplayPort and the Book 2’s USB-C port allows for connectivity to external screens, should salespeople be presenting to a larger audience. 

A mobile sales machine 

There shouldn’t be any hurdles to a sale for mobile workers, and the Surface’s ability to easily integrate with existing IT systems means that any and all sales processes that can be digitised will travel with frontline workers. Surface products can be set up to ship with Office 365, making it instantly familiar, integrated into existing ways of working and allowing for easy document access and editing out of the office. 

Whether it’s sharing documents in the cloud or entering a signature with the Surface Pen, there aren’t any barriers preventing mobile salespeople from engaging customers from start to finish and securing a new client. 

A case study from Swiss insurance company Vaudoise, for example, highlights their use of the Surface Pro to let customers ‘easily move graphics of their house, car, family members, and more into a policy to see pricing. They enjoy using it.’

In summary

The Surface range suits itself remarkably well to mobile workers looking to engage customers in person. It has the potential to give your organisation a slick, professional face when frontline salespeople head into the field to meet potential clients. First impressions are important, and Surface can help your team make a great one.


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