• How to empower your staff to work remotely

By 2020, half of the UK’s workforce are expected to work remotely. In the legal sector alone, many top law firms like Baker McKenzie are beginning to offer flexible and remote working to their staff. It's a spreading phenomenon. 

In fact, according to a study by TINYpulse, 91 percent of employees believe that they get more work done outside the office, citing that remote work makes them feel happier and more valued by their company. 

The challenge these companies face, however, is figuring out how to empower staff to ‘work wherever they sit’. Hilarie Bass, Greenberg Traurig’s co-president, explains: 

‘The challenge is finding a way to maximise employee productivity without losing out on the important benefits of mentoring, training, teamwork and client service that require physical presence.’

But, in today’s digital workplace – and with rapid adoption of public cloud technologies - empowering your staff to work remotely isn’t as challenging as previously thought. 

Here are a few helpful tips on how to enable your staff to successfully work remotely.

Deploy the right hardware

Reliable hardware is everything. Without a functional laptop, tablet or mobile, your employees will forever remain chained to their desks. If you want to empower your staff to work on the go, hardware like the Surface Pro 6 is essential. 


The Surface Pro 6 comes with a reliable processor (the Intel Core 8th generation i5 or i7); a long-range battery life; up to one terabyte of storage, and best of all, it weighs only 1.7lbs, making it the perfect briefcase companion. 

Deploy the right software

For ultimate employee empowerment, you must pair reliable hardware with high-performing, trustworthy software. At the office, you’ll likely have multiple software subscriptions - including things like Skype for Business and SharePoint - to enable your employees to work together to the best of their abilities.

You should make software-as-a-service subscriptions like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Project Professional available to remote employees in the same way they’re available at the office. Don’t worry, they also come with enterprise-grade security features, ensuring your data is protected and remains in the right hands.

Transparency in your working processes

It’s easy to manage employees at the office. You can see what they're doing. To ensure your remote staff are on the same page and can perform to their full potential, transparent working processes need to be in place. 

Cloud-driven applications like Office 365 and Dynamics 365, for example, empower your remote staff members to communicate and work collaboratively in real time every day, maintaining productivity and team work both in and out of the office.

Package your hardware and software subscriptions

Remote working and digital transformation are rapidly changing the landscape of the workplace. It can be tough to purchase and deploy multiple pieces of software on multiple devices across many locations. But, with Probrand’s Surface-as-a-service model, you can easily pair your hardware and software together and pay for it on a monthly opex basis rather than up front as a capital expense. 

If you’re unsure on what the right device might be for your employees, try our new Microsoft Surface advisor; just three questions about usage will reveal the ideal devices for you which you can then configure, select accessories for, then see the best price from our suppliers.

We can even integrate your systems and help you roll out your packages across your company, saving you time and money to focus on what matters most: growing the business.