• Understanding Surface as a Service

What is Surface as a Service?

Surface as a service is a leasing solution, allowing you to put the device your users need in their hands right now, whilst paying back costs in a timescale that suits you. There's no need to sweat your assets, maintaining old and unreliable equipment; instead, align IT to its lifecycle whilst accelerating productivity with the latest and most up-to-date software.

How does it work?

Popular Surface technology, such as Surface Pro and Surface Book ranges, are bundled together with cloud subscriptions to software such as Office 365 to create a package that meets your specification. You can choose a basic option, or add in a number of different accessories and extras. 

In addition to the above, we can bespoke your solution to include any services we usually provide that you might require, for example, hardware imaging and provisioning.

What kind of pricing am I looking at?

Price will depend on the different elements of your bundle, and the lease period you require. For pricing please call 0121 605 1000 or fill in our contact form

Our sector specialists can provide any assistance you need with making a decision, and are more than happy to take a brief, and provide quotes for a couple of options.

You can review the the Microsoft Surface ranges and accessories available to you from all our suppliers, with full specs and price comparison via our marketplace - register or log in now.

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