• Make sure your security keeps pace with the shifting IT landscape

With organisations rapidly taking advantage of major technological trends such as cloud computing and mobility, it is vital security keeps pace.

The security perimeters that traditionally protected businesses have been stretched thin by the growth of flexible working and bring you own device. Modern business are also utilising virtualised environments, often outside that company perimeter, to support new ways of working.

These developments cannot be ignored by security professionals. When it comes to virtualised infrastructures, however, you don’t see the same level of protection being applied as you do with physical servers and devices. Maybe this is because they are not as visible, or maybe it’s because they worry security measures will slow performance.

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If a physical server has 20 virtualised machines with 20 security products running anti-virus, this will have an impact. As performance is already an issue in virtual environments, you can see why this might be unpopular. That’s why Bitdefender developed GravityZone Enterprise Security, which can manage all those 20 virtual machines through one appliance. This uses less resources, and we take great pride in the fact that it offers 25% better performance than any other vendor.

Furthermore, it allows security professionals to monitor that modern hybrid IT landscape – end point computers or exchange servers, virtualised servers and mobility devices – all through one console.

Cyber Security
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When IT teams are already understaffed, this type of solution is allowing staff to spend less time worrying about vulnerabilities and more time developing solutions that can provide a competitive edge to their business.

74%* of small organisations suffered a security breach last year.

Likelihood is 'It will be you!'

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