• 6 tips on how to empower your employees using cybersecurity awareness training


Cyber security awareness training is an important tactic to defend your organisation from a variety of security risks, and the consequences.

There are many different ways to deliver this training but here are some tips to consider when choosing which security awareness training platform is best for your organisation:

  • 90%1 of cyber-incidents are caused by human error

You can (& should) put in the right tech to protect your business, but with cyber criminals targeting your employees with more and more sophisticated and clever attacks, it only takes one lapse in judgement to create a cyber security incident. So, it makes sense that a more educated workforce reduces the risk of accidental breaches and poorly judged email clicks.


  • Involve me and I learn

Learning by following rules or watching videos is not an effective way to ingrain new knowledge and though it can tick a ‘training’ box, it won’t help your employee’s protect your data. 

 Certian platforms have been designed around better learning principles and methodologies which combat the Ebbinghaus ‘forgetting curve’, where memory retention declines over time. Repeated reinforcement including knowledge tests and interaction – is memorable, and helps build strong cybersecurity skills.

  • It’s all about me

The most memorable training is related to the employee’s everyday tasks, the technologies they use, and include real-life up-to-date examples that they realistically could experience in their role. 

By ensuring training is relevant, passing lessons and tests directly related to real-life situations maintains motivation and grows confidence in identifying problems day-to-day. 

  • Consistency across countries

Training when you have employees working in different countries can cause issues of consistency with poor translations or culturally inappropriate imagery or situations creating unnecessary problems. Certian platforms take this into consideration and allow you get tp consistent learning paths across different countries, tailored accurately and appropriately to ensure that your whole organisation is on the same page.

  • Comprehensive training direct from the experts

It's essential that training topics cover passwords and accounts; email; web browsing; social networks and messengers; PC security and mobile devices; GDPR; protecting confidential data and offers a phishing simulator. Ideallly each topic has a training path with different levels from beginner to advanced. 

It allows for comprehensive training or for organisations who want to select specific topics that can be taught at a level to suit everyday working requirements.

  • Easy to manage

The beauty of online, automated learning is that it makes training provision easier. Everything from employee invitations and emails to pace-setting of lessons and actionable reporting is built-in, with automatic management of continuous, incremental learning. Users who represent a risk or who ignore lessons or fail tests are automatically highlighted so that administrators can take appropriate action in time.


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1. Analysis of data breach reports filed with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

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