• 5 benefits businesses can't resist about cloud telephony

At the heart of a great business is great communication, but many businesses are still using outdated communication tools that are costly to use and manage.

With ISDN's days numbered and the rise of hybrid working, businesses are looking at modernising their IT systems and are trying to find a solution that delivers an all-in-one communication solution. 

Cloud telephony is taking the business world by storm and it’s being adopted across businesses of all sizes and industries. What makes it so attractive are its wide array of benefits and how it's helping businesses unlock new opportunities with media-rich features built for increased collaboration.

Here are some advantages to combining cloud computing and telephony and why its so appealing:

  1. Mobility and flexible working

One of the biggest benefits is the mobility that a cloud telephony system brings to customers. A cloud provider enables companies to manage a wide variety of telephony features from wherever they are. When someone calls their business number, employees can configure the service to ring their office desk phones, a mobile phone, or even another number on the conventional phone system. You can also easily introduce new features at will, including things like call recording, auto attendants, and call redirects, all without investing in expensive, complex on-premises equipment.

  1. Flexible usage

Cloud telephony also minimises up-front investment by virtualising the PBX. Instead of running expensive hardware on its own premises, a company can have the telephony provider run a software version of the PBX in the cloud. The phones would connect to the PBX through the company's internet connection. This not only eliminates the capital cost of the PBX but also cuts the operational overhead because company employees have no PBX hardware to maintain.

  1. Transforming telephony

A cloud PBX also offers more capacity and flexibility. A legacy PBX accommodates new internal phone lines using cards that plug into a chassis. Each time you plug in a card, you pay for phone line capacity that you may not use. If you find the number of required lines shrinking, you can't unspend that investment.

With a cloud telephony solution, you can add just the lines you need and remove them where necessary. You pay only for the lines you use. This accompanies other cost savings, such as the use of bundled minutes as part of cloud telephony contracts that give you a predictable calling cost as part of your base contract.

  1. Reliability

Alongside the cost savings, you can expect rock-solid reliability in a cloud telephony contract when implemented properly. Instead of the single point of failure that you get with a dedicated on-premises PBX, the cloud gives you the same resilience and multi-site replication that you get with any other cloud-based application. This means your phone service keeps running across your whole business even if your HQ or backup data centre goes down. Most reputable cloud telephony providers also offer mobile phone applications or let you redirect incoming business calls to your mobile number so that even if your internet connection or local network stops working, you can still run your business without interruption.

  1. Futureproofing

Perhaps one of the least-recognised benefits of cloud telephony is its ability to evolve with your business. Cloud-based products flex and adapt with business needs. Unlike a traditional hardware PBX, a virtual PBX can quickly expand with new software-defined features.

One example of this is software integration. Thanks to cloud application programming interfaces, (APIs), virtual cloud PBXes can communicate with online applications, triggering actions with telephony events. Imagine connecting your customer relationship management (CRM) system to autodial people in a customer list for your agents, or to display a caller's custom information on your screen before you answer the phone, all powered from the cloud.

In short, cloud-based telephony lets you do more for less. Claim your free* communications assessment now to find out how you can implement a telephony system fit for the future.


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