• 5 reasons to ditch hard drives

As we continue to take advantage of new technologies, including more powerful business applications, you’re likely to find legacy infrastructure with spinning disks struggling to keep up...


Some challenges you may experience with your legacy infrastructure:

  • Your IT team spending time tweaking performance to accommodate new applications with different performance demands
  • Finding an efficient way to link your on-premise infrastructure to a public cloud
  • Difficulty protecting confidential and sensitive data from both internal and external threats
  • Systems coming to end of warranty, particularly if the plans of your current storage vendor are uncertain.

One way to tackle these issues is by switching from hard drives to all-flash storage. And with the price of flash dropping you can now get all-flash storage, like the NetApp® AFF C190 system, at the price of disk.


Here are five reasons to consider all-flash storage:

  1. Goodbye budget / performance trade-off
    You don’t have the budget and resources of a large enterprise, but you still demand as much from your IT infrastructure. Choose the right all-flash storage and compromise will be the thing of the past. With the NetApp AFF C190 maximise your storage efficiency with deduplication and compression and protect your data, with NetApp Snapshot™ copies without affecting performance.

  2. Stress less
    Your business should never be impacted by unplanned downtime or other disruptions; your end users need always-on access to business-critical data to deliver an efficient and high-quality service to their customers. The NetApp AFF C190 has encryption, built-in data protection, synchronous replication, and more, to maintain the safety and accessibility of company and customer data.

  3. One system, any workload
    Your resource may be limited but you still need to deliver, and with ease. You can make your admin's life easier by choosing a single system to learn, which manages all your applications and files. The NetApp AFF C190 gives the same management experience whatever workloads or protocols you’re supporting, and for an affordable price that includes all the software you need to secure, manage, and protect your data.

  4. Cost benefits
    When you consolidate legacy storage to modernise your infrastructure, you’ll achieve a number of tangible and intangible cost benefits. For example, if you moved to the NetApp AFF C190 you’ll dramatically reduce your power and cooling costs, and with fewer systems to manage you’ll be able to deploy your IT team’s time back into key business projects.

  5. Future possibilities
    A modern data centre will boost your performance to help your business grow and adapt. But if you’re modernising your infrastructure, you should to take into consideration how you work, or wish to work in the future, with cloud services. Helpfully, the NetApp AFF C190 not only brings a modern data management system to your infrastructure, it was also designed to support hybrid working with cloud. From tiering cold data to the cloud, backing-up to cloud, or unifying management across cloud and flash, NetApp connects with cloud in more ways.




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