• 5 essential tools you need to be productive anywhere

The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is forcing the hand of many organisations when it comes to remote working, so they can stay up and running whilst people isolate. For some that's extending an existing provision to a wider team, but others are getting set-up from scratch as quickly as possible.

This is not the ideal way to create a successful remote working program, but with very little choice we wanted to share with you some of the tools to help your employees have access to everything they need to get their job done, wherever they are. This shift in the way we work brings with it a shift in how we work too. 

With cloud adoption soaring, here’s the essential on-the-go gear you need to get the job done, whether it’s in the city or at the beach, but more likely right now, at home:


1. Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

First things first: relationships are everything. Even though your employees are working remotely, it’s essential that they’re still in contact with one another.

Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business are both cloud-based communication tools that make connecting with your employees easy to do. And don’t worry, thanks to Microsoft’s state of the art Security Centre, your secrets remain just that: a secret.

2. Basecamp

Now you have the tools to communicate, you need the tools to collaborate. Basecamp offers your employees a place to perform transparent project management. Nothing more, nothing less.

Build checklists, assign tasks and share important documents with one another over the internet, and witness in real-time the day-to-day activity of your team.

3. Device-as-a-service

The biggest barrier to productivity is technology, particularly legacy devices. They can be slow, clunky and challenging to work with, slowing your people down. But Device as a Service changes that.

Today’s iterative licensing model that many software companies have adopted, is now available for your hardware, too. By leasing modern devices (for example, the Surface Pro or Surface Book), you can hit the ground running and pay back costs in a timescale that suits you. You can also fold in extra hardware or add on services like hardware imaging and provisioning to create a solution that works for your team.

4.Office 365: an office in a backpack

With good hardware comes good software. Office 365 is an all-encompassing virtual office, built for the on-the-go worker.

Comprising of state-of-the-art email, Microsoft Office collaboration tools and document storage applications like Sharepoint, you can login and work at any time and from any location, meaning that the world really is your oyster.

5. Boomerang for Outlook

For ultimate productivity, spend less time checking your emails and more time doing the work.

Boomerang for Outlook lets you schedule and send messages at the perfect time. It also integrates a smart calendar assistant that schedules meetings and shares your real-time availability.

6. Work hard, anywhere

At the core of remote working is reliable hardware. Software can be virtually brought and updated, but hardware needs physically replacing. And that can be costly. With Device as a Service employees can always have access to reliable technology at reasonable prices, no matter what their location may be.

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