• Probrand announces line-up for Midlands Cyber Security Expo

Technology services provider Probrand is hosting a free day-long cyber security event for IT decision makers in the region. Taking place on April 10, the expo will bring together expert speakers to share knowledge, insights and best practice, helping organisations to prevent cyber security attacks, manage risk, and protect their data.

Detective Sargent Gary Sirrell is the Cyber Protect Officer at the West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit and has the responsibility of protecting communities in the West Midlands from regional cyber crime. Offering a cybercrime insider’s view, he will deliver this year’s keynote speech – exploring open source intelligence, how people behave online in and out of work and, crucially, how these behaviours affect us and our organisations.

Designed to deliver relevant insights for businesses of all sizes, sessions throughout the day will cover a variety of topics – from mitigating risk in a post-GDPR world to hands-on workshops which will walk businesses through the steps necessary to design and deliver an effective disaster recovery plan.

The event will also cover hot industry topics, including a talk from Nicola Whiting, Chief Strategy Officer at Titania Ltd on diversity in cyber security. Other speakers include David Emm, senior security researcher at Kaspersky and Alex Michael, sales engineer at SonicWALL, along with various IT directors sharing their experiences around cyber security.

UK businesses are now more likely to experience a cyber attack than it be a rainy day. Yet many are still leaving themselves at risk.

‘‘There’s often an assumption amongst SMEs that they’re either too small or not important enough to be considered worth targeting, and so what we end up with is organisations sticking their head in the sand,’’ says Mark Lomas, technical architect at Probrand.

‘‘This event is an opportunity to broaden knowledge and tackle modern security challenges, at a time when 84% of the UK’s biggest organisations still don’t fully understand the impact of cyber attacks on their businesses. As a Birmingham based company, we’re excited to bring this event to the Midlands for the second year running,’’ continues Lomas. ‘‘So many security related events take place either in London or Manchester while the Midlands remains overlooked – we wanted to change that.’’

Vendor partners specialising in security will also be exhibiting, giving attendees the opportunity to find out more about the products and services available to support them.


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