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How to avoid Disaster Recovery becoming a disaster


Disaster Recovery (DR) is more important than ever for today’s organisations. 

It's become essential to satisfy growing regulatory pressures, but it's also an invaluable tool to support business continuity in the event of a disaster including outages, ransomware attacks and even user error.

You may view the disasters that cause IT outages as unlikely, but the law of numbers suggests that most companies will suffer significant downtime at some point. Roughly 80% of those surveyed by Gartner reported an incident during the past two years that required an IT DR plan.

At Probrand, we wanted to understand the current perceptions of disaster recovery and level of preparedness within organisations like yours. We undertook our survey at the end of 2018, and found that many organisations felt that they had an adequate solution.

However the realities of how these were deployed, managed and tested differed wildly, with many not knowing some fundamental details about their DR solution.


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