• Revealed! The best smartphones for security and build quality


There’s a lot to consider when selecting smartphones for your organisation. You want to get the best value – tech that delivers the right functionality, that’s not going fall apart when thrown about in a bag, that’s easy to use and easy to set-up and manage. 


If that’s the case for you, we’re taking a deeper look at recent Counterpoint Technology Market Research which scored the top 10 Android Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to create Trust Ranking scores based on four pillars of customer importance: software, security, enterprise recommended, and build quality.

The Trust Rankings

Before revealing how the different OEMs did, let’s take a quick look at how the rankings work. The pillars that make up the Trust Rankings were chosen based on analysis of the importance and relevant of different factors that are crucial in gaining trust from the end user. Each OEM was evaluated on a scale of 0 – 100 to determine an overall Trust Rankings with each pillar weighted to reflect their importance to end users.

Pillar 1: Security updates (30% weighted)

Security is essential to prevent malicious attacks that can sabotage smartphones and leave users vulnerable to having confidential and sensitive data stolen. This is particularly relevant when our increasing reliance on mobile technologies coincides with a huge upsurge in cyberattacks designed to take advantage of remote workers and public sector organisations.

  • Best in Class: NOKIA

  • Runner-up: ONEPLUS

Research insights:

  • Security patch release frequency varies between OEMs with only a handful of smartphone brands rolling out monthly security updates. Most make these available less frequently.

  • Nokia phones lead the pack because of their commitment to delivering regular monthly security patches across the entire portfolio, irrespective of whether the smartphone is an entry-level model or a flagship device. It was the only brand in the study to provide monthly updates to all phones.


Pillar 2: Software updates (30% weighted)

Whilst having the latest emojis on your work phone isn’t that important (to most people), software updates are key to having the latest and best functionality and innovative features at your users fingertips.

  • Best in Class: NOKIA and ONEPLUS

Research insights: 

  • 100% of Nokia and OnePlus devices in the study had the latest version of Android. OnePlus did not have any devices in the sub $200 segment, which Nokia led, and Counterpoint noted that it was commendable that Nokia phones updated such a broad portfolio, from entry level to flagship smartphones. 


Pillar 3: Build quality and testing (30% weighted)

Day-to-day phones can get thrown from pocket to bag to desk – but in some sectors there’s an increased risk of drops, spills and other potential damaging factors where increased robustness protects your investment and avoids the disruption of broken equipment.

  • Best in Class: NOKIA

Research insights:

  • The build quality pillar was evaluated in terms of different segments like product robustness, force measurement, drop and impact, fatigue, wear and scratch, thermal test, moisture and liquid test and others which included both qualitative and quantitative observations.

  • Typically, Android phone users replace their phone every 30 months. Nokia phones are built to last for more than 3 years, which the research found was due to tougher testing and higher quality.


Pillar 4: Enterprise / Business recommended (10% weighted)

Based on the highest share of portfolio recommended for Enterprises.

  • Best in Class: NOKIA

  • Runner-up: LENOVO (includes Motorola)

Research insights:

  • Out of the top 10 brands globally, only a handful of smartphone makers have devices approved for Android Enterprise Recommended smartphones.

  • Nokia phones have the highest share of business-ready phones, available across the entire price portfolio and more than any other brand.



The graph below shows the Final Trust Rankings which determined that Nokia phones are the number 1 most trusted smartphone brand based on security, software, build and enterprise for the second year runningDownload the full research whitepaper [PDF] for more details on how each OEM performed. 

For more information about the Nokia device portfolio visit the Nokia brand page, or compare live price & stock availability of Nokia devices, get quotes, and purchase on the Probrand marketplace.

Graph showing smartphone trust rankings



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