• Cloud computing can enable your workforce in the age of remote working

Why your remote workers need a cloud office to be productive

The UK's Office of National Statistics (ONS) released results of their 2019 Annual Population Survey (APS) that revealed that 14.2% of people in employment in 2019 mainly worked from home, or were based at home. In April 2020, they released data that showed that this had significantly increased to 49.2%, nearly half of the working population.

That's no surprise to most people; the surprise has been for heads of organisations previously resistant to the idea of remote working who have discovered that not only can their teams work well remotely, in many cases they can be more productive. Some organisations are even considering whether they even need the same amount of expensive physical office space in the future.

There are plenty of benefits with a more flexible way of working; it appeals to many employees, can reduce costs of running a physical office space, and it can even improve productivity. And our workforce is becoming filled with digital natives, those generations who grew up in the modern technology age, whose second nature is to use all the tech they have available to stay connected wherever they are.


 So what are the key reasons for using cloud computing to support remote working?

  • Anytime, anywhere access - pretty obviously, the fact that with a device and internet connection your workforce can securely access all the tools they’re used to using from their desktop, is a great reason to consider it. Even better, it supports staff collaborating remotely in real-time, wherever they are in the world.
  • Reliability -with a cloud solution like Microsoft Azure you benefit from advanced, 24x7x365 operations to keep your operations running smoothly, thereby avoiding that dreaded 2am service call to tell you the computing services went down and you need to hightail it over to the office to try and fix things.
  • Scale up quickly (and back again!) - if you need to speed things up, or increase throughput, you’re not limited by the size of your server room. Increase and decrease storage or size of your virtual machine to address the needs of your users and businesses quickly. Add users, remove users, it's easy to flex the cloud services you need to fit and change with your business.
  • Pay for what you use - unlike traditional infrastructure, you can (and should) turn off what you’re not using, avoiding buying spare computing capacity you hardly ever use. Whether that's SaaS licences or storage capacity, you know exactly what's going out each month. And if you're already using Microsoft Cloud, you might be able to save 3% on your current billing with our switching service.
  • Security - although this is often seen as the biggest concern with moving to the cloud, the in-built security offered by cloud providers is usually better then many businesses could provide themselves including multi-factor authentication, encrypted connection, etc. Microsoft Azure is one provider that provides audit reports and compliance packages to help you streamline compliance. 

Find out how one organisation realised the benefits of a mobile workforce enabled with the right cloud services (video case study), and REGISTER for our webinar for a more detailed look at the tools you can use to boost your organisation's productivity: 'Post-lockdown productivity: Empower your workforce with the cloud'.


We’re an accredited Microsoft Gold Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions provider, and are well versed in connecting customers to the cloud. Our consultants, technical experts and in-house engineers will look after you right the way through the project from consultation to deployment and testing, and can even manage services for you, or provide ongoing IT support.


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