• Struggling to Connect? Common enterprise WiFi problems which are disrupting your workforce

Is your workforce being disrupted with sluggish download speeds, devices unable to connect and frequent disconnections? In the modern office, robust WiFi is a necessity for communication, project management and research so that your workforce can meet deadlines and work efficiently.

From poor infrastructure to an overload of wireless devices there are several things which can wreak havoc on your wireless network.

So we’ve created a list of common problems employees face and some ideas to help you identify your own wireless issues – so that you can easily find a solution to help reduce helpdesk calls from frustrated employees and ensure that your office can continue to operate efficiently.



A network which is updated frequently will be a robust one which can support work laptops, mobiles, tablet devices and even wireless kettles and interactive displays! The modern office needs to accommodate more wireless devices now than ever before, including the personal devices that employees bring in.

However many offices have found themselves unable to cope with the rising demand of these devices due to poor wireless infrastructure.

With the right tools in place you can expect more reliable and faster wireless across a greater coverage area; see if your wireless network is up to scratch with a wireless site survey


Network refresh needed

Any network which is frequently experiencing issues and is over three years old is in desperate need of a refresh.

We worked with Leabrook House Nursing Home to find out why their wireless network was no longer proving reliable for residents, care visitors and staff – with a high number of complaints coming through to IT due to slower connection speeds. We conducted a wireless site survey and discovered that the modern fire and insultation standards were blocking the wireless signal.

The rate of technological advancement means that your wireless network hardware needs to be updated frequently.

Find out if your wireless is up to scratch to support vital external communication, project planning and the growing number of wireless devices. Find out what’s really causing your Wireless issues with a free wireless site survey


Wireless Flooding

Frequent disconnections, sluggish download speeds and slow data throughput can often be caused by wireless flooding – which is when providers over spec and fit too many wireless access points – which can cause devices to struggle to connect with multiple access points.

Find out how attempting to maximise coverage can impact your wireless network reliability here

Read our Ultimate Guide to Wireless for a comprehensive and practical guide to wireless best practice, from start to finish including tips, common pitfalls and advice on future-proofing your network.



An IT manager’s time is incredibly valuable – when they’re busy making sure the overall security of the network is safe, diagnosing faults and repairing equipment – finding more time to ensure that the wireless is performing at its best can be a struggle.

At Probrand we will help you understand what’s causing your unique wireless headaches with the right technical guidance so that your office can continue to operate efficiently. Get started by claiming your free wireless site survey today.



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