• Cloud adoption survey report 2019

Stumbling to the Cloud Survey Report 2019

Everyone's talking about 'the cloud' and has been for a long time. Even your users are talking about it - though it's not clear whether they understand where exactly their information is being held! 

With the amount of discussion related to cloud, at Probrand we wanted to understand the reality of cloud adoption in 2019, including the common challenges people like you are facing in their organisation, the plans being made and where things seem to be going in the future. Is it all cloud, cloud cloud? Or are people holding on to their reliable, tried and tested on-premise solutions?

We surveyed 100 organisations about their experiences around cloud IT adoption; the report shows the promises and dangers of the cloud, as well as the challenges facing them on their journey, and vitally the importance of having a well-made plan to maintain control.

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