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1. Describe your role:

I work in the category management and manage infrastructure products keeping the marketplace fresh, liaising with key contacts in both disti and vendor to make sure we have all the deals and the latest product offerings live for our clients, assisting with the sales teams to better support them working with our main vendors and maximising deal reg opportunities. I have a lot of knowledge of HPe and Cisco processes after having to deal with them for the past 14 years of my career.

2. How long have you been with Probrand?

Just over 4 years now, it’s gone very quick!

3. What’s the longest book you have read?

Not really a book person, more of a movie man but probably the guide my friend got me before my son was born “Dude You're Gonna be a Dad! How to get through the first 9 months.”

4. What’s your favourite thing you have bought?

Hard one, it’s a toss-up between my TFX cinema setup for living room and my TAG watch, always wanted a TAG since primary school (long time I know, but always been mad into watches and treated myself 7 years ago to it finally)

5. If you could take part in any reality TV program what would it be? 

The Island with Bear Grylls

6. Coolest experience you have ever had?

An unofficial tour of Gabon, we had a friend working out there for Shell oil and gas at time. We did jungle walks tracking chimps, had lunch on a river near wild Hippos, quite nervous the sound of popping Pringles would make them charge! Found a wild forest elephant on a beach with her baby, the guide whispering to us if they charge hide behind a tree (by tree he was referring to tall trees that weren’t much thicker than my leg now you guys know me, that elephant was not going to be fooled I wasn’t there! We actually did end up getting chased by a very angry mother elephant onto a nearby beach, a wild forest elephant with her baby, turned our backs and next minute the guide yelled run and got chased onto a beach which thankfully they won’t go on, great adrenaline rush I can tell you!

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