• 5 hidden costs of printer breakdown

Printer problems are more than just an annoyance. They cost your business money.

Businesses often underestimate the impact of office equipment issues on workplace productivity. Why is it important? Because once a problem occurs in part of the workflow there’s a knock-on effect in other areas, all of which can have serious financial implications that are difficult to calculate.

  1. Lost productivity

I think we’ve all come to realise that the dream of a paperless office is not going to become a reality any time soon. Paper is still a major part of most businesses with 40% of business processes requiring hardcopy* - so a broken printer or multifunction printer is a major hindrance to getting the job done. When your business relies on the ability to print, scan or copy critical business documents like invoices, customer letters, and board reports, making sure you’re able to get back up and running quickly is vital.

  1. Drain on IT time

It’s estimated that 45% of IT help desk calls are print-related, whether that’s toners running out, connection errors, or Jeff on the top floor’s ancient printer breaking down again. It’s all time that the IT support staff could be spending on more strategic IT projects and improvements. Less print management and less downtime, means more productive use of IT support teams time.

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  1. Toxic workers

When you don’t have the resources to do your job properly, particularly if that has a direct impact on your back-pocket, you’re not going to be a happy bunny. Document scanning is the starting point for many automated workflows – including expense claims, and as we know many business processes still rely on print. Frustration and a lack of continuity over time causes discontent and negativity, which can have a real impact on staff morale.

  1. Lost revenue

When a printer breaks down, your staff can’t do their jobs as efficiently or effectively. When you have to put simple but critical tasks on hold such as getting orders out to customers, responding to customers promptly, or sending out invoices on time, it can have an impact on being able to complete fee-paying work and ultimately impacting on your bottom line.

5. Loss of reputation

If printer downtime causes you to miss customer deadlines and you can’t deliver your usual standards of service, your business reputation will suffer. With unidentifiable intangible assets like goodwill and customer reputation accounting for a significant percentage of company value – repeated issues around productivity will impact on the worth of your company.

As you can see, there’s good reason to have plans in place to get things back on track when something does go wrong. For many businesses, an easy and cost-effective step is making sure you’ve registered for the warranties that your current equipment is eligible for. And you’ll also find offers available such as the Xerox Lifetime Warranty*, currently available on a range of printers and multi-function printers, providing you with free onsite repairs when you make an annual toner purchase.

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*“Xerox Lifetime Warranty” means you may claim a free 12 month Xerox warranty multiple times throughout the lifetime of an eligible equipment, upon meeting conditions (e.g. buying specific Xerox supplies), but it does not mean you receive a “one off” Xerox provided warranty for the equipment’s lifetime. Terms are found here. Applies only to specific equipment and supplies purchased during 1/09/16 until 31/12/17 in United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland from Xerox or its reseller in those locations. Supplies must be sourced from within the EEA and Switzerland. Eligible equipment’s lifetime is determined by Xerox (may end after page count reached, or due to working condition and product obsolescence).”