• 3 reasons why Microsoft Surface devices will empower your staff

You want to give your staff every opportunity to be their best at work. You don’t need desk-drones. You need independent, efficient, innovative, empowered employees.

Microsoft found that 84 percent of global executives believe new technology will help them be more creative, but 60 percent say they don’t have the right tools. Microsoft Surface devices are optimised for businesses that want to push boundaries.

There are a few key areas to consider when looking at devices for modern business-use: performance, portability and price. Usually, you would have to pick two and sacrifice the third, but with Surface, you really can get all three. Here’s why your staff will love it.


The specs of each device speak for themselves, but in short, the Surface line-up offers everything your employees could need in terms of speed, storage, intuitive touch-screens and general ease-of-use. That’s the basics. But there’s more.

Stands, hinges and keyboard-covers have been designed with the little touches that make something truly ergonomic.

For example, the Surface Book 2 has the option to remove the touch screen and re-attach it, reversed – perhaps for your client to see and interact with. At the time of writing, no-one else does that. And – particularly if you work in a creative industry, Surface accessories like the Pen and the Dial turn devices like the Surface Studio into an architect’s drafting board, an animator’s lightbox, or a place for a designer to 3D-model a bionic hand.

‘Give ordinary people the right tools and they will design and build the most extraordinary things.’ – Neil Gershenfeld, professor at MIT


The modern employee demands flexibility, with surveys revealing that this is a top priority for younger jobseekers, who now make up a third of the workforce. Surface products are made with portability (the Surface Pro weighing well under 2 lbs) and battery life (up to 13.5 hours for the same device) in mind.

Also, combining Surface with cloud subscriptions means they can work on the Surface Studio in the office one day, then from the Surface laptop at home the next.


With Surface-as-a-service, you can have all the benefits without a big up-front cost. This is a service that means your business can lease Surface products, along with other cloud subscriptions like Office 365 as a package, paid monthly. And Surface devices can replace costly legacy systems, as seen in this study in the education sector. For your employees, this means they don’t have to wait to enjoy new capabilities, they can start now.

So, three ‘peas in a pod’ – or in a device. If you want to enable creativity and turn thinking into doing, Microsoft’s Surface line empowers your staff to make ideas a reality.


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