• 3 ways all-flash arrays are good for business

When it comes to business benefit, we’ve compiled this quick list of our top three reasons why you should consider an all-flash array…

  1. Simplify

    We’re all being asked to more with less, but often something has to give, so you end up doing less of the strategic stuff. But with Flash you eliminate tedious performance tuning and free-up time for figuring out for more strategic projects.

    It’s quicker to provision that traditional systems which simplifies administration tasks, and it offers much quicker recovery from a drive failure – minutes rather than the best part of a day or more, for a traditional hard drive.

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  2. Flexibility

Move your data to where it delivers the most value to your business, across flash, disk and cloud. Combine SAN and NAS on a single, consolidated infrastructure to fit your data requirements most effectively. And when you need to scale up performance and capacity, you can do so without disrupting operations.

And speaking of scaling up, Flash’s efficiency means that you can avoid the need to invest in capacity overprovisioning to achieve the required performance. Which leads us on to…

  1. Performance

    Hands down, Flash delivers faster, more reliable performance than legacy systems, delivering input/output operations per second (IOPS) in the tens or hundreds of thousands compared to the legacy IOPs in the mere hundreds.

Trying to reduce network latency? Want to increase IOPs in your server and storage architectures? Looking to speed up and improve customer facing application experience? Flash is the solution.

If you’re thinking of a flash forward, claim your free infrastructure assessment* below and find out all the benefits and options from one of our experts.

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