• Your Ultimate Guide to Cyber Security 2021

With the frequency, cost, and sophistication of cyber attacks rising, and average UK cybersecurity budgets among the lowest globally, UK organisations face the perfect storm, putting data, systems, and reputation at risk.


Last year 55% UK businesses reported a cyber incident, and for SMBs the increase in cyber incidents vs the previous year was 59%*.

We know that the security of your data, your confidential information, and your people are high priorities, and not just because of the potential fines for breaching regulations. So, we've done the research and created this up-to-date guide to cover all the key topics and information you need to know right now.

In the Ultimate Guide to Cyber Security 2021, you will discover:

  • an up-to-date view of the current security landscape including key stats
  • the biggest threats to your organisation including types of attack & attacker
  • the different approaches to improving securing through:
    • technology
    • process
    • people
  • and of course, ways to handle an attack if the worst did happen.

Complete the form on the right to get the guide, and make sure your organisation is prepared against the latest threats.




*ICO: Information Commissioner's Annual Report and Financial Statements 2018-2019


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