• Microsoft Surface Hub 2S: your key to a successful post-pandemic future


Since the first and subsequent lockdowns, businesses have been grappling with their remote working practices.

Getting employees set up at home with the right equipment and making sure that work processes have been properly digitised were the first urgent priorities. But after the initial shock came the realisation that remote working is set to become part of ‘the norm’ for many businesses.  Let’s look at the impact that remote working is going to have, and the solutions your business needs to make it work.  

The world moves quickly 

In 2019, remote working and hybrid working environments were on the rise. Businesses are increasingly able to offer global services, thanks to modern cloud-based software and infrastructure. Not only can they scale at unprecedented rates, they’re able to provide services remotely from any location. This has been financially beneficial to smaller businesses in particular, who have been able to scale and offer competitive services much quicker than previously possible. Being able to communicate, collaborate and deliver work remotely makes excellent business sense. 

After COVID-19 hit and businesses had to go entirely remote, however, some cracks in their systems were exposed. While communication may be possible thanks to videoconferencing software and collaborative work can still be completed, the quality of both factors can be hit and miss depending on the technology used. Businesses have quickly become aware that remote working is an essential practice that requires long-term thought and financial investment. 

How can businesses invest in remote working? 

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, offices will cautiously begin to open again. With social distancing restrictions in place, however, these spaces will be at reduced capacity. Some workers who are vulnerable or unable to commute will still have to work from home, and many others will prefer to continue at least some level of home-working. 

This situation could potentially cause a divide between those in the office and those at home. The solution here is hybrid working: an environment where it’s just as easy to work from your home office as your business’s office. This is what organisations must invest in, not only to mitigate COVID-19 complications but to make our current situation financially beneficial. This is where cutting edge technology comes in. 

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S was designed to be the centre of your business. The device acts as your digital whiteboard, laptop and collaboration tool: it’s a top-of-the-line solution to your hybrid working needs. In 2019, pre-lockdown, Microsoft commissioned a report by the research company Forrester into the economic impact of the Surface Hub and found: 

  • A return investment of 302% over three years 
  • A payback period of less than six months 
  • Cost savings from avoided meeting space equipment purchases saved the composite organisation a risk-adjusted total present value of $4.0 million over three years
  • Incremental income from sales improvement enabled by Surface Hubs delivered to the composite organisation a risk-adjusted total present value of $16.3 million over three years. 

After implementation, the Surface Hub 2S offers opportunities to reduce costs in many areas across a business. Instead of seeing a shift from entirely on-premises work to hybrid work as a challenge, businesses should actually see it as an opportunity. The time has come to make hybrid working the standard setup for businesses across industries – the gains they stand to make will make them more competitive today and will go a long way to protecting their processes in the future, whatever we face.  

The Surface Hub 2S 

The largest device in the Surface family, the Hub 2S offers the best opportunity to host meetings in a hybrid workplace. It’s the heart of the boardroom, making videoconferencing and idea sharing as easy and natural as it was before lockdown. Here are some of the key features and benefits the Surface Hub 2S delivers: 

  • Teamwork, anywhere

Not only does the Hub 2S make meetings easy to host, it makes them seamless. The device itself is lightweight enough to be moved if needed, meaning your meetings are as flexible and adaptable as possible. Use Microsoft Teams to host brainstorming sessions and Microsoft Whiteboard to capture every idea. 

  • Collaboration made simple

The Microsoft apps that you’re used to, made even more collaborative on the big screen. A touch screen lets you interact naturally, and the Surface Pen makes it easy to write as you’re thinking. OneDrive keeps your files in one place so it’s easy to find your work and share it, eliminating confusion and delays when workers aren’t in the same room.  

  • No more reliance on physical space

The office isn’t just a physical location where work happens now. Work happens wherever people are. Being in the same location used to be essential, but now it’s optional and the Surface Hub 2S makes it easy to downsize on unnecessary space. Especially as social distancing restrictions constrain our space, we need a way to optimise it. We don’t need to be in the same space to make work happen, we just need a way to collaborate from our homes.

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