• Still running Windows 7? Here’s what you need to know right now…

The popularity behind Windows 7 makes sense. It shows up its predecessors; boasting improved speed and stability, has minimised nonessential programs and offers an enhanced interface. Building from the look and feel of Windows 7 - Windows 10 is the new, advanced operating system with even better performance capability coming into place on 14th January 2020.

Some businesses however have been reluctant to update their IT because of some common misconceptions around Windows 10. However from January 2020 there will be no further security updates and patches to Windows 7 so it’s time to act now: we’ll show you how a shift to a modern desktop to help secure, future-proof and innovate your business.


I’m too small a business to be in danger from cyber threats or malicious hackers 

Whilst you may feel that the size of your business means you’re too insignificant to be a target, cyber criminals don't agree; nearly half of UK small business have experienced a cyberattack within the last 12 months according to a recent survey

Windows 7 will no longer have security updates and patches in place as of 14th January 2020 – unless businesses want to keep paying for these updates. With this extended support coming to an end, the best way to keep your systems and information secure, and protect your business is to run the most current version of Windows on your devices.

There’s no doubt that the cyber threat is becoming increasingly sophisticated, therefore your cyber security must reflect this. When you use outdated software it puts your business at increased risk of data breaches and hacks. But by upgrading to Windows 10, you’ll have the reassurance of automatic updates; keeping your business up-to-date and protected. And when you choose a modern desktop running Microsoft 365 on a new device, you’re choosing the ideal way to keep your business competitive, as well as staying safe.

I’m worried there’s a risk of losing information, or finding issues with app compatibility 

Windows 10 was made to fit around you: 99% of Windows 7 applications work with Windows 10. In the event you do find that Windows 10 doesn’t have a driver for, extra drivers for Windows 7 or 8 can usually be installed.

When you move to Microsoft 365, you will still need to ensure your data security by backing up, and we can advise on different options to suit your organisations requirements. Once migrated to the cloud, Microsoft stores your data across several servers on multiple databases. These servers are regularly backed up so in the event of a power failure or a data breach, the information held on them remains secure.

The cloud isn't a core focus for our business; remote working isn't productive 

Adopting new processes and workstyles to maximise productivity is a core part of how organisations maintain relevance and success. Remote working is becoming an increasingly common practice, and that’s because businesses are finding that when done well it has a positive impact on the bottom line.

By effectively extending office hours, you give employees the opportunity to work when they feel most productive, or around other commitments so they can be more focussed when they are working. This flexibility also can improve employee morale, boosting productivity and reducing staff turnover. In fact, Surface devices facilitate even greater efficiency, by enabling users to multi-task up to 2.1x faster.

By dispelling the myth that remote working doesn’t work, organisations can unlock the advantages, embrace cloud-based data storage and empower teams to work more flexibly. Windows 10 on a Surface device is the ideal choice for organisations of any size who want to embrace the future of flexible working.

My business can’t afford to upgrade – it’ll just be too expensive 

Putting resources into new equipment is one of the most cost-effective decisions you can make. New devices will improve business efficiency, wipe out spend on the support and maintenance of old equipment and boost employee morale; it is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make as a business.

Microsoft 365 is a unified hardware and software package that enables you to purchase and deploy Surface devices with minimal downtime. Microsoft 365, including Office 365 and Enterprise & Security, enables you to smoothly update your OS in real time, whilst staying secure and productive. With flexible plans and tailored price plans - discover how the investment in Microsoft 365 will deliver value to your organisation now and into the future.

Purchasing new kit isn't worth it, regardless of whether I upgrade to Windows 10 

Older devices may stop you working as quickly – a Surface device running on Windows 10 will perform up to 80% better compared to a laptop that’s four years old. 

If you’re spending time and money maintaining older devices, you can be losing up to 48 hours of employee time per PC that could be spent more productively elsewhere in the business. An investment in modern devices is one of the best ways to optimise your business performance. Workers save nearly five hours a week in productivity with a device from the Surface range; a solid choice for organisations who need to buy quality hardware that will last.


Embrace the modern workplace with Microsoft 365 + Surface 

Whilst Windows 7 offered an operating system, Microsoft 365 is a whole bundle that offers Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Rather than buying a product or licence, Microsoft 365 is a subscription service based in the cloud, which automatically updates applications and offers intelligent capabilities like data insights.

Microsoft 365 additionally has important enterprise-grade security to protect your business information, allowing you to select the hardware and subscription that works best for you, without stressing about cloud migration.

Discover more about how Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 best support your business and download 'Your Journey to a Modern Desktop eBook' today


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