• Reach new levels of productivity with a modern desktop

Organisations are putting technology the heart of driving productivity, and no more so than the modern desktop.

Current workplace technology must handle the demands of multiple processes, workflows, and schedules. But it must also support diverse and varied ways of working across the whole workforce from firstline workers engaging with customers face-to-face, to sales out in the field juggling customer appointments, operations staff managing demands on their team to the senior team making major decisions to drive business success.

The right technology helps employees to work wherever and however suits their needs, so they can focus on being productive and meeting their objectives. So why should organisations who want to accelerate productivity move to a modern desktop, and in particular Microsoft 365 and Surface? 


Productivity today

In the current period of rapid and advancing technological change, what does work mean for an employee in the 21st century? It means no longer being tied to a specific workstation, sitting behind the same desk from 9 to 5 every single day. Or field sales reps being disconnected from their colleagues on the road. And it means that tools and information that can help firstline workers delivery better results, are no longer out of reach. 

Now workers can meet their goals in a way that suits them best. The cloud has facilitated a level of connectivity and mobility that simply didn’t exist before. Workers now have access to powerful apps wherever they are and can connect to the company information they need at whenever they need it. And collaboration and communication with colleagues, wherever they are, is just a click away. 

But all the potential new outcomes and improved productivity are only in reach if workers have the right tools and solutions.


The modern desktop

Organisations want to maximise productivity, and that means giving employees the best technology. This means hardware, like a lightweight and powerful Surface device.  But it also means software, such as Microsoft 365, a package which contains the best of Microsoft. This includes includes the productivity apps in Office 365; Microsoft’s most secure and intelligent operating system, Windows 10; and enterprise-grade security in Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS).

Surface devices – Adding a touch of finesse, as well as reliability to the working day. Partnered with accessories like the Surface Pen, users can add an extra element to meetings, customer interactions and note-taking. A robust build and long-lasting battery life are givens; these devices won’t let your team down. And they’re also connected to all the apps they need.

Microsoft 365 – Putting aside security and device management (we’ll cover that in its own section later), Microsoft 365 gives a worker all the apps they require to increase productivity in the cloud. With Office 365 your team can use SharePoint Online to access company information on the go, check emails using Outlook whilst commuting, or between external meetings, connect and collaborate with colleagues using Teams, and use all their favourite Office apps (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel) in the cloud. And with Windows 10, your organisation has the most secure and intelligent operating system Microsoft has ever produced, developed for modern working with features to work life easier like intelligent assistant Cortana.


No compromise security

Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) - EMS is Microsoft’s enterprise level security package that’s part of Microsoft 365. It is designed to provide end-to-end security for users in the Cloud, helping modern users work securely in the cloud without sacrificing productivity. By giving organisations primary control over identity and access, EMS helps you ensure that only the right people have access to your apps, documents and data, and that they can get on with work as productively as possible.

Built to be secure Surface devices integrate perfectly with all the security features in Windows 10, Office 365 and EMS, but that’s not all, they are also intrinsically designed to be a secure piece of kit. The physical design of a sealed unit means safety from DMA attacks. Business-wide control and protection is provided by enterprise management and lock down. Ensure only users with the correct permissions can open the device with two-factor authentication through biometric sensors (facial, iris and fingerprint recognition) and pin codes. Cryptographic processing uses secure keys and integrity validation to help users to control and keep secure any critical or sensitive information. Secure boot closes pathways that can allow malware to hide on a device. And UEFI Secure Boot and Trusted Boot maintain security by only allowing trusted apps to run on start up. 


Time to shift

January 14th, 2020 is the date for Windows 7 End of Support; with less than a year left to go, it’s time to make the shift to the modern desktop. Choosing Microsoft 365 and a modern device from the Surface range, will help boost the productivity of all users without compromising on security. 


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