• Report: Websites & online services perceived to offer biggest data security and GDPR compliance risk

With cyber security and GDPR top of radar for many, this report finds users uncomfortable about sharing their data online due to perceived cyber security risks.  Discover what users really think of online services by reading the full report.   

There is not much that can’t be done online in today’s digital age. From registering with a local council, to paying rent, to accessing tax records - more and more everyday tasks can now be completed online. Even our personal health records can be instantly accessed with just a few clicks.

This digital revolution is present in both the public and private sectors, as there are now very few services that are available offline that cannot be accessed more easily on the web.

However, recent high profile cyber-attacks (such as the ransomware incident in the NHS and the customer data breach at mobile network provider Three) have put privacy and data security in the spotlight for those providing access to services online.

This topic is made all the more pertinent to businesses and public sector organisations due to the upcoming enforcement of the legislative changes included in the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

These are unequivocally the biggest changes to Europe’s data protection rules in two decades as they require even the smallest of organisation's to consider how they are recording, storing and processing users’ data.

This report reflects on market research commissioned by IT provider Probrand, which was carried out by Usurv.

The main focal point for examination was end-user attitudes to the current state of online services provided by both private and public sector organisations with particular reference to:

  • Safety and security
  • User experience
  • Efficiency and quality

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