• Brexit Statement – November 2020

Probrand has a team of supply chain professionals and commercial stakeholders across the business who have been working together for many months to continually monitor and evaluate the developments of Brexit. Probrand has a solid risk mitigation plan and is extremely prepared for the outcome of the ongoing political negotiations.

Probrand’s supply of goods is primarily within the UK and will therefore remain largely unaffected by the outcome of Brexit. A significant majority of our goods are procured from UK distribution sources. However, we have been in thorough communication with our supply chain to request assurances that they are also equally prepared for Brexit. We have reviewed all the associated risks, should there be a no-deal outcome. These risk categories are outlined below:

Movement of Goods

• Many of our suppliers have achieved Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status. This is an internationally recognised quality standard for customs compliance. This means any inbound goods are prioritised at the point they reach customs control.
• Additional administration staff have been appointed to deal with any potential delays.
• Our supply chain encompasses global leaders in transportation and customs brokerage, so we are confident there will be a minimal or zero impact on import of goods into the UK.
• Commodity codes have been reviewed to ensure that products are categorised correctly as they cross the border.

Supply Shortages

• We work extremely closely with our vendor partners and continually forecast stock for future order fulfilment. This helps to ensure uninterrupted supply in the event of any border delays.
• We are running continuous checks throughout our supply chain to ensure there is a high availability of core product lines.
• Probrand has its own warehouse facility in the UK. This is used for holding stock and managing the deployment of goods for projects. This is a significant benefit and peace of mind for our customers during this uncertain time.
• Probrand benefits from leading technology that provides live data links into the UK authorised distribution channel. This enables us to keep our customers up to date with the latest stock availability in the UK.

Price and Currency Movements

• At this point in time we have not received any notifications of any price increases.
• Our supply chain has benchmarked our list of traded products against the UK Global Tariff that will replace the EU Common External Tariff for UK Imports after 31 December. Many categories are expected to be subject to 0% import tariffs.

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