• [video] Cutting-edge Xerox printers then and now

As part of their SET THE PAGE FREE project Xerox revisited their classic award-winning ‘Brother Dominic’ ad, following our modern-day monk and the modern workplace challenges he faces. Of course, he gets a hand from one of Xerox's cutting-edge smart printers.

Fundamentally, just as it was for our 70s Dominic, this is all about information sharing whatever the medium. Watch the videos below – and see what the difference four decades makes (and not just to the size of office equipment!)

The Classic award-winning 70s ad, worth it just for the ‘it’s a miracle’ ending

2017 ‘Brother Dominic’creating another everyday miracle, by transcending the printed and digital page with personalization, translation, apps, security, and even printing on mugs! How times have changed!

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