• 5 ways smart people save time with smart printers

More than ever businesses are looking to improve productivity through new technology, streamlining processes and improving information sharing. The humble printer might not be the first device you think of in these circumstances, but it’s one that is used day-in day-out and is a key hub for information throughput. 

Far from a means to simply duplicate or scan your information, new smart printers are designed to improve productivity, mobility and security:

1. Automate everyday processes 

By setting your smart printer up to automate key processes, you’ll save time everyday tasks. For example, automating saving files to the correct folder in your system and speeding up key processes like invoicing. 

2. Human-friendly interface

No more error codes that have zero meaning to the average printer user. Smart printers have an interface that’s designed to be understood, and even come with self-help videos that can help non-technical folk use them without IT’s help.

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3. Put your documents exactly where you need them

No more sending a scan to your email, only to save it off on the system somewhere else. Smart printers save time by connecting to all the locations your files need to live. That could be folders on your server, somewhere in the cloud or even dropped straight into places like Google Drive and Dropbox.

4. Print on-the-go

Smart printers are making printing from a mobile device easy, whether your people are working out and about, or just want to print off the device they have to hand via Android. 

5. Keeping your information secure

Smart printers ask for ID before delivering sensitive information that anyone nearby could pick up. Many smart printers also include additional security features that prevent unauthorised access and malicious attacks, detect harmful changes, and protect data.

The office printer plays a central role in the way your people manage information, and new smart printer technology not only  removes some of the traditional problems, but is increasingly helping to streamline business processes and make everyone's life easier, wherever they work. 

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