• How you can stop ransomware

In a series of short videos, Probrand security expert Mark Lomas talks us through the different tactics you can use to reduce the risk of a ransomware attack, and how to minimise the damage if the worst should happen.

How can you stop ransomware - Part 1 - Anti Virus

Anti-virus is obviously a key part to protect yourself against ransomware, and it is important that you have up to date modern anti-virus software across all of your PC’s and of course your servers.

How can you stop ransomware - Part 2 - Server Monitoring

On your servers in particular, where you store your most crucial files and data you can deploy monitoring software to look at your files and scope any malicious activity that might be taking place and shut it down.

How you can stop ransomware- Part 3 - B is for Back-up!

Plan B is for Back-up! Are you files backed up to multiple sources? Probrand recommends backing your files up in two places (as a minimum). One on the cloud, and the other on a physical storage device that is disconnected once the back-up process is complete.

How you can stop Ransomware- Part 4- The damage to your business

Ransomware can do a lot of damage if it gets onto a single PC by encrypting files that are stored on the infected hard-drive, but if that computer is connected to a greater network it can affect the files on other computers  and servers on that network.

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