• 3 business actions for Anywhere Working success

Business and IT leaders are well aware that Anywhere Working isn’t as simple as letting people use the resources already put in place for homeworking, which is why there's still some hesitancy around continuing to give workers flexibility to work anywhere when offices re-open. 

But it’s also clear that workers highly value businesses that offer more flexibility, and businesses that get this right will be able to attract and retain better talent, be more productive and give themselves the edge over less progressive organisations. To make this work, seamless collaboration between teams in the office and people elsewhere is essential, as is the business of continuing to secure your network the way it exists now, rather than how it was two years ago. 

Here’s three key things you need to do to make a success of Anywhere Working:

1. Simplify IT with modern device management

Ditch time-consuming corporate re-imaging – IT teams are busy dealing with a raft of other remote working related tasks – and choose to ship and deploy devices straight to staff working out of the office using Windows Autopilot, zero-touch deployment, and unified management. Make your life even easier by choosing a Microsoft Surface device where this is enabled as standard.


2. Support true collaboration with the right tools

Many businesses already have access to a range of productivity tools and making best use of these will be vital to ensure that groups in the office and individuals working remotely are able to work genuinely collaboratively, ensuring everyone is heard, engaged and able to fully participate. With apps from Microsoft 365, teams are able to sketch notes and brainstorm together in real time, collaborate on documents with live edit, and utilise inking and touchscreen to co-author files1.


3. Choose the right devices for security and productivity

Which such heavy reliance on tech to ensure teams can work together well wherever they are, it’s important that they have the right device for their role and one that they’re happy to use whether in the office, in front of clients, or at home. 

Combining powerful performance and built-in enterprise-grade security features that reduce data breaches2, with a sleek, professional looking lightweight design, Microsoft Surface devices are designed with Microsoft 365 apps in mind, and are a perfect choice for Anywhere Working, and definitely worth considering. 


Learn more about how Microsoft Surface devices plus 365 can help blur the lines between on-site and off-site teams in our free eBook ‘The new Anywhere Office benefits guide’.


1. Software license required for some features. Sold separately
2. Maximizing Your ROI From Microsoft 365 Enterprise With Microsoft Surface, a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting, July 2020.


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